Family Vacation in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

In a few short weeks March Breach will be here and I know there are many families out there looking for a quick getaway to somewhere warm and exciting. A friend of mine just returned from a trip to Las Vegas and it reminded me of the time we took our kids to Vegas. Yes, you heard that right, we took our school aged children to Vegas and had a fabulous time.

Now you might be thinking that Las Vegas wouldn’t have anything for families other than gambling, and since you can do that from the comfort of home on sites such as Paypal casino, why bother visiting. I’m here to tell you there is so much more than casinos in Vegas.

Each hotel in the city has a different theme and offers up a variety of activities. We stayed with our boys at the MGM Grand and could not have asked for a better place for our family. The rooms where beautiful and because of the unique architecture, every room has a great view. But the most exciting thing was the pool complex. We decided to spend the afternoon by the pool and as soon as the kids saw the lazy river, they were off. We saw them every few minutes as they passed by the lounge chairs my husband and I were on. Staff was on hand to deliver drinks and food poolside which was a real treat!

Las Vegas hotels

On our non-pool days we visited other hotel/casinos to see what they had to offer. We got to see a chocolate waterfall in the Bellagio and gondola rides in The Venetian.

Family Vacation in Las Vegas

As soon as the sun went down we ventured to Freemont Street, or Old Vegas. I don't think the boys, or I for that matter, had ever seen so many bright lights in one place in all of our lives! The boys were a bit young for the zip line adventure (you can see the lines and the platform on the right hand side of this photo) but they really enjoyed watching others whiz by while snacking on churros (they found a churro vendor and visited each night after dinner). Now that they boys are teens, I would definitely let them try this out. I might even go with them!

Las Vegas

And it wouldn't be Vegas without meeting some interesting people! Every main street in Vegas has an assortment of street performers like Spongebob, Master Chief, Iron Man and, of course, Vegas show girls which The Youngest was only more than happy to pose with!

Las Vegas had a lot of glitz and flashing lights, it really was a sight to see! My boys have always remembered this as their favourite family vacation and we do too. There is so much to see and do in Vegas, we adults did not feel like we missed anything by not spending the night a la The Hangover.

So tell me- have you visited Las Vegas with children? Have you previously considered it but were not sure what the kids would enjoy seeing? If you have any questions about our trip, leave them in the comments below.

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  1. I literally just laughed out loud when I saw the photo of your son with the showgirls!!! The MGM grand is so beautiful, and their pools are amazing!

    All you need for a family vacay is a pool, good food, and some cocktails for mom & dad, right?! Vegas is like an amusement park! I've stayed at the MGM, Treasure Island, and the Aria and all were an amazing experience.
    Glass of Glam