My Favourite Face Masks

Face masks from Sephora

I feel so lucky to have a Sephora just down the street from me (my wallet does not feel the same way) and I just can't help but to run in whenever I am near by. Lately, I have become totally addicted to masks - cleansing masks, moisturizing masks, even lip masks! I wanted to share with you my favourite face masks at the moment and to let you in on a really big pro tip Hint - You're probably using one of them wrong. 

Before I left for Mexico in January, I stopped at Sephora and asked the staff to recommend a great moisturizing overnight mask. My skin gets so dry in the winter and I shuttered to think what would happen with the quick shift in climate. Also, I had read that the best way to stave off your eyes telling the story of imbibing in one too many, is by using a moisturizing overnight mask. Three staff members all highly recommended the Origins Drink up Intensive. I was sold and after buying two of the quick $6 sample packs I was all set. 

I started using the overnight mask our first night in Mexico. The mask is incredibly thick and goopy and I slathered that stuff on. The next morning my skin was glowing, and greasy. I washed my face right away and saw that the mask did its job. My skin was not dry and everything was good. The next night I again slathered that stuff on. I figured I was being very smart by getting two uses out of the little pod. That night I rubbed my eye, which I do a lot since I wear contacts, and I got some product in my eye. Let's just say it did not feel great. I rinsed my eye and while it was a little red the next day, I was ok. But here's where the problem started. For the first time in many years, I started to break out. Strange. Oh well, I figured it was the heat in Mexico. I happily went on slathering the overnight mask on. 

Once we were back, I went in and grabbed another pod because I just loved how soft my skin felt the next morning. Again, the Sephora staff all recommended it. I managed to get three uses out of this pod, but again, more breakouts. On the third trip in to get another pod, a kindly Sephora staffer walked over and asked me if I had used the Drink Up Intensive before. I said I had and loved how it made my skin feel in the mornings. She inquired as to how many uses I get out of the pod and I proudly said I was able to stretch it to three. And just the look on her face told me that was all wrong. 

She said this happens all the time. The pods themselves make people think they are a one time use but the Drink Up Intensive is, well, intensive and you only need a little each night. Remember how I said I was slathering that stuff on? I meant it. My face was white and goopy as I slept and it just didn't seem to want to absorb in, but it did during the night so I figured I got it right. Then she asked if I had started breaking out. That's right, it was the mask. She told me that when you put too much moisturizer on your face and neck at night the oil builds up in your skin and it has nowhere to go but out in the form of acne. 

So you might be wondering why I've included a face mask that burned my eye and made me break out. Well, once you use it correctly, it's fabulous! I have gotten 4-5 uses out of the little pod and I don't use it every night. If you have dry skin, and frankly with the indoor heat we all do, this is exactly what you need. Your skin glows and feels amazing in the morning. Just make sure to use it sparingly. 

Another mask in the Origins line that comes highly recommended is the Origins Clear Improvement. It is a charcoal mask and I really needed it once my face started to break out. Once that issue went away, I continued to use it to really clean my skin and remove any impurities. To apply, coat your face in a thin layer and let dry. Remove with a wet wash cloth and marvel at your clean, glowing skin! I tried the small pod of this mask and loved it so much, I upgraded to the large bottle. I use this once a week and plan on taking it to twice a week in the heat of the summer. A little tip from me to you - Steam your face before you put this mask on to open your pores. Place your face over a bowl of boiling water or place a hot, wet face cloth on your face for a few minutes. 

And now last but not least the new Sephora Lip Mask. I bought this on a whim when I was at the counter (darn impulse buys) and just love it. It is a little weird to sit with a slimy lip-shaped patch over your own lips for 15 minutes but it is so worth it. My lips are always dry, no matter the time of year. I have three lip balms beside my bed because I cannot go to sleep without using one of them. My lips felt especially dry before I tried this mask the first time and I couldn't believe how soft and beautiful they looked once I removed it! Application is easy - remove the lip-shaped patch from the package, peeling the outer layer, and place on your lips. Remove after 15 minutes. Do not wipe off any excess product but rather let it absorb into your lips and the skin around your lips. Now this does not plump your lips, but it will make your lips look better and help lipstick glide on easily, especially matte lipstick (my fave!)

While I would really love to spend the day at the spa and get a facial, I just don't have the time right now. So for the time being, I am sticking to my at-home treatments. These are my favourite face masks at the moment and now that I know how to use them correctly, my skin really has improved. Dry skin is a common concern this time of year and I promise you that if these products have helped me combat dry skin, they will help you too.