My Sephora Custom Makeover Experience


Over the weekend I stopped by my local Sephora to take part in a custom makeover and to learn about some new skin care and of course, make up! I came a little late to the world of make up, I didn't start wearing any until around the time I turned 30. And truth be told, I was actually pretty intimated by Sephora and the ladies inside. So, how did all that change?
Well when I started to wear make up I headed straight to the Dior counter at Hudson's Bay and never looked back. A tube of mascara here, a blush there, some moistruizer. I was happy to deal with ladies who seemed to wear classic make up like myself. I saw the ladies of Sephora as full on glam gals that couldn't possibly understand that I myself, didn't know how to contour and wasn't sure I even wanted to learn. All I really wanted was to look like me, but better. And then, the Dior counter closed. I went in for my next tube of mascara and daily moisturizer and the entire counter had switched to someone else. I kid you not, I went into full on panic mode. I am very much a creature of habit and do not like switching anything, especially when it's last minute. I reluctantly forced myself into Sephora to buy my Dior products and do you know what I found? A team of lovely, patient ladies and gentlemen who are there to answer your every question. I was stunned. I spent so much time being afraid to go into Sephora. I know it sounds irrational but I've heard from friends they too were intimidated by the store and staff.

If you are feeling the same way the only thing I can say to you is get over yourself. Get into the store and get some recommendations on the best products around. They seriously have every beauty brand in store and I am no longer a one brand girl when it comes to my products. I still love Dior but I also love YSL, Marc Jacobs, BITE Beauty, Too Faced, Estee Lauder and many, many more! The staff opened an entirely new world to me, one I am now quite obsessed with. Also my fears of the staff not understanding how I planned to use my make up were completely unfounded. They can teach you classic make up application as easily as they can teach you the full Kim K. routine. 

But enough about my journey into Sephora, on to my Sephora custom makeover experience. This was my very first time getting a makeover in Sephora and I really wanted to document it here for the blog, hoping that I could help someone who might be feeling the same way I used to feel. I signed up for the Sephora Beauty Insider, which is a free service where you collect points and can redeem them for sample sized items after certain points levels are met. After spending $350 I was bumped up to the VIB and in this level I am able to get a free custom makeover. Once I learned that I signed up right away!

My Sephora Custom Makeover Experience

I sat down last Saturday morning with a lovely Senior Skincare Advisor. When I signed up for the makeover online I specified that I would like to talk about some skincare concerns before moving onto the makeover portion. The concern - Aging skin. I don't mind getting older but I sure mind if my face does! I remember getting so worried about wrinkles at 20 that I started using Oil of Olay morning and night creams. I used them for almost 15 years (I still have a jar of their night cream and I will probably use it until I die) but I wanted to make sure I was using the best thing on the market.

Cleansed face, waiting for make up

My skincare advisor listened to my daily routine and the issues I have - dry skin, sensitive skin that turns bright red after every wash, and (gasp!) the start of wrinkles. The first product she brought over was the Dior gentle cleansing milk and she told me to stop washing with a facial scrub as that is causing the redness and dryness. After washing with the cleansing milk, we used a FAB Facial Pad meant to exfoliate and tone, followed that up with Shiseido Glow Serum and lastly, Lancome's daily moisturizer with SPF 30. I felt that old familiar ping around my lips and noticed the redness/burning sensation creeping up. I've tried exfoliating pads before and have always found them too drying so I'm pretty sure that was it. After a few minutes my skin calmed down enough to start applying make up. 

make up application at Sephora

What I really loved about the makeover experience was talking through each step of the way. I learned so much in just an hour! I still wanted to keep my makeup light and easy but...since someone else was applying I did want to try out a few things. I was in need of a new foundation and I wanted to try adding a concealer into the mix (for those days when I'm not able to get my full 9, yes 9, hours of sleep a night). That was the basics of what I planned to do daily so then I wanted to learn a little more about applying blush, bronzer, eye make up and filling in my brows - all the things I probably won't do daily but might try on a special occasion. 

Sephora custom makeover

I snapped this selfie right after we finished and my new BFF skincare advisor said that the lights are the worst for taking selfies. I have to agree as the bright light made me look awfully pale, you can see from the 'after' picture at the very top of this post, taken in my house near a window, shows that I looked anything but pale. I wanted to try out some spring colours for lips and we started with a peachy gloss that was just not for me. I am obsessed with matte lips and wanted to try something with a little more pink so we washed it off and tried this Kat Von D liquid lipstick in a bright coral. I was really surprised by how much I liked this lipstick and do plan on purchasing it on my next visit. I was really happy with my make up application and only wished that I had somewhere exciting to be (I went home and watched movies all afternoon because it's cold and snowy out). 

A few little tricks I learned is that I have great round cheeks and I should not put my blush right on the apples and swipe up, which is what I always do. Instead, I learned how to apply blush to the tops of my cheekbones and swoop just under the apples to create more definition. Also, we applied mascara to my bottom lashes, which I never do. I think it really made my eyes pop! But I think my favourite thing was learning about colour correcting. I really wanted to even out my skin tone and get rid of the redness I deal with on a daily basis but there is no way I have time to figure out when to use the purple, green or other colours in a colour correcting palette. The 3 in 1 colour correcting cushion from Hello Fab is just what a busy girl like me needs! All the colours are swirled into a cushion and you just dab it on your face. You can use it under foundation or all by itself, which I plan on trying for those days when I don't need a fully made face. 


I left with more than a few goodies. I have used the Dior cleansing milk in the past and just love how my skin feels after washing so I am back on the Dior train. I bought the Hello FAB colour correcting cushion because I just love how easy it is to use. The Laura Mercier foundation perfectly matched my skin and felt incredible on. I watched how it was applied with a foundation brush and promised to not use my fingers to apply it. The Too Faced concealer is the first thing I knew I would end up buying. While I don't have terribly dark under eyes, I still think they need some attention. I'm excited to play around with the products and add them into my regular rotation of YSL mascara and Bobbi Brown blush and shimmer brick

While my after look was a little glam for my everyday make up, I really enjoyed learning the techniques to achieve a more done up look. Sephora also offers quick 15 minute consultations/make overs on a specific look. On my next trip I will be asking if someone can teach me how to achieve a smokey eye and as soon as the sun reappears, I'll be returning to find out more about bronzers and illuminators. I had such a fabulous time at my Sephora make over and I think I might just have to make this a quarterly thing (makeovers are free when you spend $50 on product, which you can easily do). I feel so silly for allowing myself to be intimidated by something without even trying it but I am happy to report that now not only am I not intimidated, Sephora is my new fave shopping experience! 

Not sponsored, just a very happy customer 😁