Spring's First Blush

Reitman's #Renewyou

We are in that funny weather time of the year where every morning we wake up we are playing weather roulette. One day sunshine and blue skies, the next snowy and grey. Luckily this past weekend we finally say the return of the sun (we'll just ignore the fact that there is still snow on the ground).

Blush denim

Blush tones for spring

Reitman's outfit for spring

blush denim

Spring transitional outfit

Victoria Park

Blush denim

Spring transitional clothing here in Ontario means wearing all your winter gear until we get above freezing temperatures, which most times happens overnight. You go to bed with snow in the ground and -17 and wake up to sun and +15! I think the winter to spring transition is actually the hardest of all four seasons. You're dealing with frigid cold and moving into the beginning of warm weather which presents so many issues with being on trend, and you know, preventing frostbite. Knowing that I headed to Reitman's to see if I could grab a few light and bright items, that would still protect me and keep me warm. And I found exactly what I was looking for at Reitman's, the largest Canadian women's clothing company (#Canada150Project!). This entire outfit is from the #Renewyou Reitman's spring line (you need to see their new arrivals!)

I love that the coloured denim trend is still here because these blush toned Signature Soft R Jeans are officially the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. They sit slightly below the waist and have a little stretch to them. They colour is really what sold me on them because I saw myself pairing them with so many different tops; a cream sweater when it's cool, chambray when it warms up and navy stripes in the summer. The length is perfect on them, they fall slightly below the ankle on me (I'm 5'7).

I have so many white dress shirts (they are such a classic) but once I saw this white with black splatter marks, I knew this would now be my go-to shirt. And it is! I've worn it to work and on the weekends and I can promise you will be seeing more of it in the coming weeks here on the blog. The pink sweater was a no brainer. It's cute, it's pink, and I just love the laser cut design on the front. It's like that perfect sweater that moves through all four seasons - warm enough for cooler temperatures but light enough for warm days. It's also great for layering, as I've done with this outfit.

These sunnies. Oh how I love them. They are the cutest blush designer dupes around. I have such a hard time finding designer shades that fit properly, yet I never have that problem with shops like Reitman's. I don't know what it is but for me, cheapie sunnies is the way to go.

While we didn't get up to 15 this weekend, we did get up to +6, good enough to head to the park without a coat on. Hopefully, fingers crossed, there are more days like this in our future and we can all start wearing our new spring clothing!

Thank you to Reitman's for sponsoring this post.