Winter Storm

Union Jack hat

As a Canadian, I am rather used to the inevitable March snow storm, much like the one we are currently experiencing. I know it's not unique to Ontario, as many of my friends in New England experience this as well. February starts out cold and then...the big thaw. Warm early spring days trick you into believing that winter is over. And we all fall for this trick every.darn.year!

red winter coat

winter storm

red winter coat

dressing for winter

winter storm dressing

I thought I had seen the last of my Calvin Klein winter coat but alas, this uber warm red puffy coat is on major repeat. Well I shouldn't say alas, I really do love this coat! It was a new addition at the beginning of winter and it's so warm and comfy. I love the bright red colour and the faux fur trim. I love this Union Jack hat that I bought last spring in London. I always get so many compliments when I wear it and it only cost me 5 quid! This winter I have lived in my L.L.Bean boots and socks and from looking at the forecast, I will be living in them for a few more weeks. This is my first winter/spring with these Bean Boots and I'm looking forward to walking the dogs through the mud in them. I know they will stand up to the mucky spring elements much better than my old running shoes. 

Now is the time to grab a great new winter jacket. So many styles are on sale, like my red jacket here which is on sale for half price! I'm considering adding this coat to my closet as you really can't go wrong with an all black jacket but I'm also loving this transitional coat which would keep me warm in the early spring.  I've included a few links below to some great on sale winter coats that will serve you well in the next month and again next winter!