Pops of Red

spring outfit

A pop of red was exactly what I needed on an otherwise grey day. 

5 Shows To Watch Right Now

I'll admit I am a big consumer of movies and television shows. I grew up in the best generation of tv - we had One Saturday Morning to look forward to every weekend, TGIF sitcom nights, and on Wednesdays all my friends piled into my mom's living room to watch Dawson's Creek. Things haven't changed much (I do still love cartoons!) and the family and I just finished watching a few new titles. The majority are on Netflix so they should be easy the find the next time you are looking for something new to watch.

When In Doubt, Wear Pink!

pink trench

I had one of those mornings yesterday, you know the kind. You still can't believe Monday is here already and you just can't seem to get it together. Pre-caffeine I stood in my hallway trying to decide if I would need a jacket to go outside or not. Well when in doubt, wear pink! I instantly grabbed my pink trench and I was out the door. Turned out to be the right decision because while it was warm later in the day, the morning was cool and damp. 

Tory Burch Spring

Celebrating This Life

Last fall I wore this Tory Burch dress (see the post here) and declared it one of the dresses in my closet that I can get four seasons worth of wear out of. This winter was so bitterly cold, not only did I not wear any dresses or skirts, I barely posted any outfits! Now that we have warmer weather, I am back to my regular outfit posts here on the blog posting Mondays and Fridays and today, I am making good on my promise to show how I wear this Tory Burch dress in different seasons!

spring ootd

Celebrating This Life

Tory Burch dress and purse

Navy dress, white blouse

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Dress: Tory Burch, pre-fall 2015 | Shirt | Purse | Sunglasses | Shoes, old Prada |

When I last photographed this dress it was one of those exceptionally warm September nights, the kind that make you believe that summer will never end. The fireflies show up as dusk, while all the neighbours sit on their porches watching the sun fade into the horizon (can you tell that fall is my favourite time of year!). The air was so warm, I only wore this Tory Burch dress. No need for a cover up. 

When I shot these photos last week, the weather was quite different. While the sun was out and the temperature was rising, there was still a chill in the air reminding you that it's spring. So while it was warm enough for bare legs, it wasn't enough to go bare arms. I pulled out a classic in every women's wardrobe - the white button down. I bought this one from Banana Republic a few weeks ago and it has quickly become my go-to. I love the material and the fit is perfection.  

Have you ever heard of the French women's styling rule as it relates to shoes? I read this tip on blogger Cupcakes and Cashmere's site a few years ago, it goes like this...if your skirt or dress is above the knee, wear flats. If the skirt or dress is below the knee, wear heels. (here is a great article on it). Now yes, there are exceptions or times when I do think a mini skirt and heels looks much better, or long maxi skirts that should only be wore with flat sandals, but I still think it's a pretty good rule, one that I use quite often. 

Now I have shown you how to wear this graphic printed navy dress in the spring, and how to style in the early days of fall. I will keep my promise to share how to wear this dress in a few more seasons, we still have summer, late fall and winter to cover. This is so important to me because...clothing is not cheap! Anytime I buy an investment piece (which is anything over $100 at this point) I try to image all the different wears I can get out of it. Once you divide the price tag with days you plan on wearing it, it is much easier to justify. This dress represented a significant investment to me (actually so did the Robinson crossbody purse, which is why you have probably seen it so many times already on Celebrating This Life!) and I want to get as much use out of it as possible. And if I can help even one of you, dear readers, figure out a way to justify and use that one clothing item you are coveting, well then that would make me all the happier.  

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Revitalizing Supreme Review

Estee Lauder Anti-Aging

Caring for your skin is a lot like saving for retirement - it's best to start early but that's not to say that starting at any point is too late. Especially when there are skin care products like Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair and Revitalizing Supreme on the market.

Out Came The Sun And Dried Up All The Rain

preppy spring outfit

We had a rainy start to our Easter long weekend but thankfully, it didn't last long. In fact, after the rain the city was in bloom! Magnolias everywhere are bursting out of their buds and the sweetest purple ground cover flowers are everywhere.

Chilly Spring Outfit

Spring style

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Making Your Shoes More Comfortable

shoe heel pads

I've been hanging onto a little secret for a while now and I think it's finally time to share how I make my shoes more comfortable! 

Spring Clothing Shopping List

Spring outfits

Each season I clean out my closet to make way for the new season's clothing. I use this time to donate any items that I found myself not wearing last season and to remove anything that has not aged well or has damage that cannot, or is not worth, being repaired. After the big clean has taken place, I slowly add the new season's stored clothing into the rotation. Right now, all my rain boots and trench coats are at the front of my closet! I'm not complaining mind you, I am so happy that it is not snow again.

Walking with Roses

Pink trench

On Saturday The Youngest and I made our weekly run to the farmer's market to pick up flowers (and so he could check out the vintage video game booth). I always look forward to this time of year because that means there will be a great selection of flowers at the booth. Over the winter it's your standard flowers but in the next few weeks we will see peonies, anemones, irises and ranunculus. Even the selection of roses, a pretty standard farmer's market offering, are coming in an wider range of shades. Last week I bought the most beautiful coral roses and this week I managed to grab a deep shade of hot pink along with a beautiful white hydrangea. I was thinking pink and white because that is my tablescape theme for Easter this year but it also matched my weekend outfit!

Easter Dresses

spring dresses

I have a love/hate relationship with Easter. Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with the timing of Easter.  Living in a snow belt can do that to a lady. When I was growing up my mother dressed us kids in light airy easter dresses with matching hats and gloves, a look I still love. Some years it was perfectly fine to wear such light clothing and other years we'd be under a foot of snow and begging to get back in our pj's. As I got older and didn't need to hunt for eggs at home, we would pack up the car and head anywhere in search of better weather.