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And from the look of our weekend forecast, this might be the last chance to see these magnificent trees in their full glory. After a week of heavy rains we finally got a nice sunny day on Wednesday when The Youngest and I headed to see this magnolia near Victoria Park. With even more rain in the forecast, and the threat of snow on Sunday, the magnolias won't last long. I wanted to snap a few photos of the blooms for this outfit post but also to try and take some 'artsy' photos to add to my gallery wall at home. I love magnolias and they always bring back such wonderful memories for me. 

One of our first Tennessee road trips (Tennessee is a frequent destination for our family) with our boys was to Knoxville, the Smoky Mountains and Memphis over March Break. The Youngest was still in a stroller at the time and like all toddlers, wanted to be out and walking around. We made many quick stops to let him burn off some energy and we always seemed to stop near blooming magnolias. The kids loved the blossoms falling on their heads and I loved the sweet smell. It's hard to not be happy under a fully blooming magnolia! 

Enough about those gorgeous blooming magnolias, on to the outfit! It was a simple as can be outfit - a pair of cropped jeans, a sweater, flats and a scarf. Doesn't sound too exciting when you describe it that way. But what makes this work is the colours! I'm a big advocate of adding colour to your wardrobe, even in small doses. Colour of any kind brighten your face and instantly makes you look happier and more youthful! Coloured denim was all the rage a few years ago and I think it's a trend that needs to become a classic. A bright colour on the bottom and a lighter colour on top really works! I added my new J.Crew Factory scarf to this outfit just to add one more pop of colour. I love collecting square scarves but I love wearing them even more! A little tip from me to you is that when I tie them around my neck, I always remove them when I am indoors. Not sure if that's a fashion rule or not but to me it feels a little awkward to wear them unless you're outside. 

Square scarf you wear them indoors or remove them like I do?