Maker's Mark Ambassador


I have something really special to announce... I am a Maker's Mark Ambassador and have my name on a barrel of bourbon that will mature somewhere between 2021 - 2023! I fully plan on driving back to Kentucky when that happens to purchase a bottle of the bourbon that bears my name. But how did I get this incredible honour you might be thinking. Well...


It's so easy, it's open to everyone! This is not something that I got because of my blog and no one contacted me and asked me to be an ambassador. Two years ago AMH and I went on a bourbon tour at Marker's Mark (which you can read all about here and here) and before we left for Kentucky, I signed up on the Marker's Mark website to get access to insider information and newsletter emails. I thought that would be all there was to it until I read further and found out that if you like, you can get your name printed on a barrel of bourbon while it ages. 

Celebrating This Life

When it comes to spirits, bourbon is hands down my favourite. I love it straight, on ice and mixed in cocktails. And while I love a wide range of different bourbons, Maker's Mark will always be number one to me. So I immediately jumped at the opportunity to have my name on one of the barrels that I saw at the distillery. You can see my name and the name of my blog as the very last line above. Once the plate has been created and they are about to place it on the barrel, they take a photograph and upload it to your Ambassador profile to view. You can even order a copy! 

Marker's Mark

They also send you a lovely kit in the mail that includes details about the program, which again is all free and open to anyone of legal drinking age. They include a stack of business cards declaring you a Maker's Mark Ambassador and provide more details about the program in your 'Ambassador Manifesto'. Inside is the official mission of the Maker's Mark Ambassador,

I, as a Maker's Mark Ambassador, do pledge to introduce those who have not yet had the pleasure (poor souls) to the smooth taste of Maker's Mark Bourbon, To help friends understand, appreciate and savor what handmade bourbon is all about. And to lead by my own example, that every occasion for enjoying bourbon is the perfect occasion for enjoying Marker's Mark. 

There is also a section entitled "Rights, Priviledges & All That Good Stuff" that lists a few of the privileges of being an ambassador. A few are

-Your name on a Marker's Mark barrel with updates on how your barrel is doing
-An opportunity to visit the  distillery in Loretto when the barrel has matured and the opportunity to buy a bottle of your bourbon 
-Special treatment when you visit the distillery
-Advance notice of limited-release bottles
- and much, much more!

Marker's Mark

And part of that much, much more is a Christmas gift! When you sign up for the program, because I know I've convinced you all to sign up for this free program, opt in to receive mail/post because they will send out a Christmas gift. Last year I received mistletoe to place on the tops of my bottles! 


There is a webpage just for ambassadors to log into to so you can check on your barrel and while there, might I suggest checking out their recipes. This is where I found the best tasting mint julep I've ever had, all made by me at home while watching the Kentucky Derby! 

I take my role of Maker's Mark Ambassador very seriously (in a very kidding around sort of way) so it is my duty to leave you with this, please enjoy your Marker's Mark and enjoy it responsibly. Don't drink and drive!