May Reading List

Books to read

May is an especially exciting month for me because for the first time in five years, I am taking the summer off from my university studies! At first I was worried about how far this would set me back (to recap I take one course every semester with 3 semesters a year which gives me only 3 weeks rest between my final exam and the start of the next course) but what's one extra course when you still have five years until graduation? It's a long road, but I have the time.

This decision was sort of thrust upon me because no courses available matched my requirements of either an online or night course. Courses during that day do not work because I work full-time and I am quite serious about my career path. After I got over the shock of having the take the summer off, I actually came around to the idea and now I am full blown excited! This summer should be a great one and as soon as our vintage 1970 Mercury Montego is on the road, it will be road trip central in our house.

With all this new found free time, I am finally able to tackle the ever growing pile of reading material on my nightstand. Each month until the end of the summer I will be sharing the books that are on my reading list. The following month I'll share my new reading list as well give a quick review of the books I just finished.

Starting off this month of May I have selected five books that are from a wide range of topics. They are:

The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart - I bought and devoured this book the day of release (I'm pretty sure I own every Martha Stewart book!) but it has been many years since the last time I revelled in Martha's sage business advice. I'm also interested to see if the information still applies today. I have dreams of one day developing and running my own company and I'm hoping that the lessons presented in this book will help kick my you-know-what in gear.

Timeless Beauty by Christie Brinkley - You might have noticed a theme going on with my beauty related posts, it's all about anti-aging around here at Celebrating This Life! On one of my Instagram browsing days, I came across the gorgeous 63 year old models IG page and I was in total awe of how stunning she still looks! After reading a little more about her, I found that she had written a book on beauty and lifestyle back in to the bookstore I went! I cheated a little here and read the first few chapters. I have to say I love the layout, the contents, and the writing style! It's very similar to writing for a blog (I've always thought of blog writing as more conversational, like your speaking to a dear friend). So far her advice makes sense (although I still won't eat kale, yuck!) and I love that she gets real about cosmetic procedures. Her tale about her experience with botox is exactly the reason that I am afraid to even venture into that! I'm looking forward to finishing this book and aging gracefully along with Christie.

John A. The Man Who Made Us by Richard Gwyn - It's Canada's 150th birthday this year and I'm reading all about our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. He was an interesting character, he is probably most well known for being a bit of a drinker, but I'm sure there is much more to the story than that. I'm excited to finish this one (it came highly recommended by AMH) because I recently found a do-it-yourself walking tour of John A's Toronto! You can visit some of the sites he frequented during his time as Prime Minister 1867-1873, I will make sure to cover that in a future blog post! This book is actually Volume One and covers the years 1815-1867, the early life up to becoming Canada's first Prime Minister. It will be interesting to see what lead this Scottish born man to immigrant to Canada, become a leading lawyer in Kingston and then, lead our entire country!

The Drybar Good Hair For All by Alli Webb - I ordered this book after hearing Alli Webb, founder and owner of The Drybar, on a podcast. I read the easy to follow step by step directions to styling my own hair and have found her advice to be right on the money! When I follow her steps I end up with a much better hair style! What I really like about this book is the detailed information on why hair does what it does and what is needed to correct it. She also shares information on the tools of the trade and more difficult hair styles to try, once you've mastered the basics. I can't wait to read and try some new looks for the summer!

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks - Whenever I have a moment to read something that isn't a textbook or business book, I always find myself reaching for something by Nicholas Sparks. They are easy reads but that doesn't mean they without substance. I've always found the writing to be descriptive, I can picture every scene and they are entertaining. Obviously, since almost everyone of this books has become a movie! Of all the books of his that I have read, I've never read The Notebook before! It is probably his most famous movie and because I've watched it so many times I just never picked up the book. Well, it's been a while since my last watch and I think it's time I finally get down to reading it. Plus than I can watch the movie right when I finish the book! I just love the South Carolina scenery!

It is my hope to get through these books before planting and beach season starts and from the look of the forecast for the next week, all rain all the time, I'll have plenty of time indoors to finish my May reading list. Join the conversation on Instagram using the hashtag #CTLReadingList and share some of your reading recommendations in the comments below!