Spring Gardening

The first day back after a long weekend is usually a little rough for me, but not this time! Here in Canada we just celebrated the Victoria Day long weekend (better know as the May 2-4 weekend) and we all had yesterday off to spend time with our families, set off a few fireworks and work in our gardens. The May 2-4 weekend is know as the official opening to garden season as the threat of frost at night has finally passed.

My family and I managed to not only get a lot accomplished, we also set aside yesterday to just relax. The older I get, the more I try to build in "relaxation" time as opposed to just powering through to get everything done and then feel exhusted upon my return to work. 

Last week I was out in my garden doing some spring cleaning and managed to make a video of everything I was doing. I have been toying with the idea of making videos for a few months now and with no real experience or skill, I managed to make an almost 30 minute video of how I prepared my gardens this year! It did take a bit of time to edit and publish but it is now live on my YouTube channel and I'd love for you to check it out! 

This is my first video and really I am just winging it. I'd love your feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, it's only my first attempt! I have really been missing the old Martha Stewart Living show from when I was young and I'm sure I'm not the only one. This is my attempt to bring some attainable lifestyle inspiration to you from me! 

My plan is to post once a week a 30 minute video covering a wide range of topics. Right now everything is about gardening so prepare for a lot about that! 

Speaking of gardening, there was one thing that I didn't cover in my video but would love to share...


No, it's not that you need to have a canine companion (although it wouldn't hurt) it's that I have found great gardening success with keeping all my hand tools in a small wicker basket. 

spring gardening

It seems like such a simple thing but before I bought this wicker handled basket from Goodwill for $2 I lost garden tools every time I used them. I'd put them somewhere for safe keeping and then they were lost for good (anyone else put something away thinking it will be safe only to never see that item again?). I bought the basket because I can't control myself around baskets, I must have 10 actively being used in my house right now! I put all my hand tools, my trowel, clippers, gloves and the all important SPF in the basket and leave it in our garage or front hallway closet. When I want to tend to the garden I only need to grab my basket and go! And as long as I make sure to put everything back in the basket, I won't need to rush out and buy all new tools every few weeks. 

In my garden this year I replaced three dead blue hydrangeas, pruned and feed my Annabelle hydrangeas and rose bushes, planted for the first time sweet peas and gladiolus, added compost to the garden (and shared a tip on how you can possibly find some for free in your city) and planted morning glory, moonflower and wildflower seeds. Head to my YouTube channel to see how I cleaned up my garden for spring this year.