This Won't Be Going Back In My Closet


From that title you must be thinking something went terribly wrong...well kind of. I'm talking about this white skirt from Micheal Kors that looked so darn cute on the hanger but is the most uncomfortable thing to wear! The tiny white beads are held together with metal prongs and when you sit they dig into your skin. Also, if the wind blows the metal prongs get stuck to each other (which hikes your skirt up 😳) and they grab onto other articles of clothing, namely my favourite blue and create pulls in the knit.

spring dressing

blue and white outfit


A little bit of exciting news is I sent this photo to a blogger in Westport, CT who is interviewing me for an exciting trip I have coming up! You'll have to come back to Celebrating This Life on Friday June 1st to see why I'm headed to Westport! 

spring style


spring outfit



This is what real mom life looks like. AMH is back as my photographer (yay!) and we stopped by Kitchener's City Hall to snap these photos with The Youngest (who takes music lessons nearby). Never a dull moment in the Celebrating This Life household! 


Skirt old Michael Kors | Shirt Reitman's | Sweater old Old Navy
Shoes old Payless | Purse Louis Vuitton Neverfull (also old. Frankly this whole outfit is full of old items from my closet!) | Nails Essie

I should have known something was up when a Michael Kors skirt that was priced at $195 was marked down to $10. But my Scottish was showing that day and I jumped at the incredible savings! (I'm half Scottish and we're not cheap. We just like getting a good deal.) It's too bad because it does look rather cute on but as much as I like dressing up, I like feeling comfortable way more. Maybe if it had a thicker lining it would prevent the prongs from digging into your skin. I'll pass this skirt over to my younger sister and she can work some magic on it (she's quite the talented dress maker and can make beautiful designs out of nothing).

Well you win some and you lose some and luckily this round I am only out ten bucks. Has this happened to you before? You bought something and had really high hopes for it but after one wear you knew it was destined for the donation bin?