What I'm Loving In Country Music

Y'all I have to confess, I am a huge country music fan! Oh, you already knew that? Okay fine, yes I manage to find a way to talk about my love of country music a lot but I can't help myself! I grew up in the country and have a deep love for Tennessee (I've visited a lot in the last 15 or so years!) and while my kids may make fun that almost every song is about riding in trucks and beer and whisky I have to educate them that, yeah, most of the time that's exactly what it was like for me growing up! Bonfires, late night swimming in the lake, beer in red solo cups. It was just like a Luke Bryan song!

I recently purchased a family Spotify plan and can't believe how much I love it. I used to have Apple Music but with four iPhones in the house, all our music ended up on each others phones and even Apple themselves didn't know how to fix the issue! So we closed our account and tried Spotify on a trial basis. We all fell in love right away. The app is so easy to use and I love that I can listen to my playlists on my computer, or connected to the bluetooth in my car. It's so easy to listen to music on the go! I've always been a big fan of making playlists, starting when I used to record songs off the radio onto blank cassette tapes. Remember tapes? 😀  It's so easy to create a playlist and search out new songs. I have playlists for every road trip, every mood and even different genres for the times when I feel like I need to get my rock, rap or 80's jam on!

What I have always loved about country is the singers are genuine and sound the same live (we can't say that for a lot of pop stars!) and each song always tells a story. They're poetry and tell a story and give you all the feels. Anyone remember Reba's song "Is there life out there"? If not, watch the video. I have listened to Reba all my life and this song and video has always inspired me. I'm sure that part of the reason I ended up going to university as an adult was because of this song!

Anyways I live in a house of all boys who listen to different music styles like classic 70's rock, hip hop and classical. Since they are not really fans of country music, I have no one else to tell about my new finds, other than you! So here we go. Five of the newest songs in country music that I can't get out of my head. Enjoy!

Every Little Thing Carly Pearce

Carly is not only an incredibly talented singer, she is one heck of a song writer. I still remember the first time I hear this song on the radio, on SiriusXM's The Highway. I almost drove off the road! Okay it wasn't really that dramatic but what a song! It truly reminded me of why I love country music so much. The story, the picture she paints with her smooth voice are every that is right in country right now. This Kentucky native is just starting her career and I'm positive we will be hearing more great things from her. 

It Ain't My Fault Brothers Osborne

A fast paced, toe tapping song from brothers TJ and John. My song of the summer (anyone else pick a song of the summer?) in 2015 was Stay a Little Longer and in 2016 is was 21 Summer, both from this duo. Seems like these guys have a knack for summer songs! When I first heard the fasted paced rhythm of It Ain't My Fault I thought about the line in the movie "Walk the Line" where June tells Johnny Cash that his music has the rhythm of a train. That's exactly what I think about this song, if Johnny were alive now, this is how he would sound! 

I Could Use a Love Song Maren Morris

CMA, ACM, and Grammy Award winning country singer-songwriter Maren Morris is a rising star to watch! Her other chart topping songs, 80's Mercedes and My Church, are great sing along songs, but I Could Use a Love Song is the one where I really think she shines as a singer. It's a heartbreak song full of optimism, which is kind of unexpected. The beat is as sweet as her voice, you'll be singing this one all day long! A little trivia about Maren, she has many writing credits for other country songs you know and love, including a few that were recorded for the show Nashville

In The Blood John Mayer

This song is already stirring up the country music controversy. No other genre of music is as skeptical of outsiders as country music and while I do understand the desire to "keep it country" everything in life evolves. John Mayer, notorious lover and heartbreaker, is a gifted songwriter and guitar player. What's not country about that! I have to say, I've always loved Mayer's songs although I never really followed much about his personal life. I for one am willing to welcome him into the country family after hearing In The Blood. The lyrics have him wondering if he will become his parents, and it's oh so easy to sing along to. John, welcome to country! 

Small Town Boy Dustin Lynch

We've got 'dirt road' and 'beer' all in the opening lines, the hallmarks of a classic country tune! There is no way you can listen to this song without signing "she loves a small town boy like me" all day, I dare you! Dustin has been on the country scene for a few years now but this song is what really made me take notice, and I'm not the only one. It's burning up the country charts! Great beat to groove to, lyrics that get stuck in your head and one heck of a smooth, make you fall in love kind of voice. This one will be on major repeat during road trips with my hubby this summer! 

Tell me what you're loving in country right now. Not a country fan? Let me know what's going on in your preferred music genres world!