Checkered Sunset


If I had to choose a favourite time of day, I would choose sunset. It's like going to a fireworks show, you know you are going to see some amazing colours and it only lasts so long.

How I Rock A Bikini After Two Kids!

We are smack dab in the middle of summer which means you've either already spent a good amount of time at the pool and beach, or you've been leaving it to the later half of summer, like I am. The month of July was a crazy one and we just didn't have a chance to make it to our favourite local beach, Grand Bend.

Lemon Drop With Kendra Bester Design


I've been teasing this on Instagram for the last few days and today I can finally reveal what me and my dear friend Kendra, owner of Kendra Bester Design, have been up to! Kendra recently started printing her amazing watercolour paintings and is currently selling tea towels and bar towels on her website. She just launched her new summer collection and released the cute as can be "Lemon Drop" so we decided to throw a lemon themed party!

Estée Lauder Fall Preview Event

I'm currently on holidays from my full-time job and while I do have a road trip coming up next week (stay tuned for those details soon) AMH and I decided that for the first week of vacation we would stay close to home with the kids and do a few things in Toronto (like last night's Blue Jays game!) Earlier this week I headed into Toronto for the morning to attend the Estée Lauder fall preview event. I was so excited because a. I finally had time to head to an event and b. that it was with Estée Lauder, a brand I have been using since I graduated from drug store skin care and make up in my teens.

Summer Work Wardrobe

pink jeans

What to wear for work is a question we all face every Monday morning. Do I dress up? Dress down? Full on business attire or relaxed business casual? For many of us the company policy dictates a guideline but even within that, there are many ways to interpret it.

Red and White Stripe Summer Dress

stripes for summer

Fashion blogging is sort of a funny thing at times. You photograph an outfit you like, upload your images and try to come up with some witty and insight commentary about what is going on in your world or around how you selected the outfit. 

Summer Beauty Buys

summer beauty

Summer beauty tends to be more relaxed than in the other three seasons. There is a greater focus on caring for your skin and in the world of make-up, little pops of colour are all you need. I truly believe that great skin starts from within. It is always important to drink your eight glasses of water a day but did you know that you will actually need more during hot summer days? I add two more glasses on really hot days and even more if there is a cool beer or other alcoholic drink in the mix.

My skin noticeably changes with the seasons and so far this summer, my skin has been all over the place.

Cleaning Your Converse


Everyone and their mother is wearing the all white Converse running shoes right now (literally, my mom and I have the same pair!) so it will come as no surprise when I say that Converse is one of America's most iconic footwear companies. I first started wearing Converse during the grunge era. That's right, a black pair of one stars with Nirvana playing in the background. I wore those shoes until they fell apart and then bought another pair!

As I got older, my footwear became decidedly more girlie. Gone were the grunge shoes, replaced by pink sneakers and ballet flats. AMH never strayed. We met as teenagers and through the years I have watched him buy new Chuck Taylors, vintage Chuck Taylors, high top Chuck Taylors, All Star Chuck get the point. I'd like to tell you it was his guidance that brought me back into the fold. I'd like to tell you that because it's better then the real story with is I bought them a few summers ago because they were flooding my Instagram feed and I Had.To.Have.Them!

I have the Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Low Top, otherwise known as the official shoe of every blogger and Instagram star. They were a relatively cheap buy at only $65 Canadian ($49.95 US). I also bought a package of new ankle socks so they wouldn't show when wearing cropped jeans (my fave look with my Converse) or even with dresses.

There is just one problem with the all-white Converse shoes...they get dirty! I swear, every puddle and falling droplet will find your shoes. I wore mine walking around Camden Market in London, England last summer and a big black blob of I still don't even know what leapt from the cobblestone road and landed on my shoes. I wanted to spit nails. I tried a little spot cleaning at the time but that wasn't cutting it. I continued to wear my shoes for another year, collecting dirt and grime and finally this weekend decided that they needed a good cleaning. I read a few things on the interwebs and Pinterest but I just didn't have the time to devote to all the steps they were advising. It was then that I remembered the success I had using Oxi Clean White Revive (I swear this isn't an ad for them, I just freaking love the product!). I first bought Oxi Clean when I bought a red and white striped dress. After the first wash the red seeped into the white lines. After a good soak in Oxi Clean it looked great!

I made these simple steps up myself on the fly and think the 'after' is pretty darn good! And most importantly, I didn't spend too much time doing it!


I removed the laces from the shoes and placed them in a small plastic container.

I gave my shoes a good banging to make sure there wasn't any loose dirt on them. I placed them in a large silver bowl with the soles facing up.

I dumped one large scoop of Oxi Clean White Revive into the silver bowl and a 1/4 scoop into the bowl with the laces. I filled both with hot tap water and set them aside.


After four hours, I removed the laces, rinsed them in my kitchen sink and hung them to dry.

I also removed the shoes from the water filled bowl and threw them into the washing machine with a few colour-safe beach towels. I added a half scoop of the Oxi Clean to the wash and just a touch of regular laundry detergent. I ran the delicate cycle and removed them as soon as the machine finished.

I placed them on the floor in front of a bright window (since it rained all last weekend) and air dried them. That's it! No scrubbing, no lemon and baking soda paste, no toothbrush scrubbers.

So now you tell me, do you think the Converse look clean?

White running shoes

Dirty - No flash on my camera


Clean - No flash on my camera


Dirty - Flash


Clean - Flash
I'm pretty happy with the results and even happier that thanks to Oxi Clean, I didn't have to do much! I've worn them since they've been washed and they feel as good as new. The canvas was crispy at first but soften after a few minutes of wearing them. There is still one little stain that didn't come out but I'm fine with that. Since I don't wear them every day I figure I can wear them for a few more summers. I plan on doing this cleaning trick at the beginning of next summer so I can fully enjoy my bright, white and most importantly, clean Converse!

Tunic Time

navy and white

As much as I love dressing up and even planning outfits, my busy life doesn't really allow me much time to do either. I demand a lot out of my wardrobe, it must be colourful and it has to pull double duty. Every time I buy something new, I consider how many different outfits I can make out of the item, thereby coming up with a good cost-per-wear number. These white cropped jeans and navy blue tunic are something I get a lot of use out of.

Carefree Summer

jean shorts

Summer is the time to slow down, act a little more carefree and just enjoy the warm sunshine (especially for us Canadians and Northern States folks who have to suffer through terrible winters just to get these few months of bliss!)

Cruisin' on King with our 1970 Mercury Montego


It's time I introduce you to the newest member of the Celebrating This Life family, our vintage 1970 Mercury Montego!

Caps and Stripes


This week felt like the right week to wear red, white and blue!

July Reading List

Reading list

Our July reading list is here and all I can say is, beach reads! When I started this reading list a few months ago my intention was to read five books for pleasure before I and many of you have to get back to the reality of school both for ourselves and our kids in the fall. I started May off with a few books I had piled up (and had been putting off) a historical biography, a business book, a sappy romance and a few beauty and wellness books.