Estée Lauder Fall Preview Event

I'm currently on holidays from my full-time job and while I do have a road trip coming up next week (stay tuned for those details soon) AMH and I decided that for the first week of vacation we would stay close to home with the kids and do a few things in Toronto (like last night's Blue Jays game!) Earlier this week I headed into Toronto for the morning to attend the Estée Lauder fall preview event. I was so excited because a. I finally had time to head to an event and b. that it was with Estée Lauder, a brand I have been using since I graduated from drug store skin care and make up in my teens.

There are just so many exciting things coming in the world of beauty this fall, let me show you a little of what Estée Lauder is up to!

Aerin Beauty

The media event was held at a downtown Toronto hotel. The suite was lavish and had views of the CN Tower from the bedroom! The Estée Lauder team made sure to put their stamp on the suite and any fan of Aerin Lauder's personal style would approve.


Let's start with fragrance because I am so deeply obsessed with smell. It is the one thing I wear every single day (ok deodorant ;) I recently started investigating Aerin fragrances (talked a little about it in this post). This fall Aerin Beauty will be releasing two new fragrances, Tuberose Le Jour and Le Soir. the idea is they are a day and night fragrance and because they both have notes of Tuberose they can easily be layered to go from day to night. I myself prefer warm scents so Le Soir is my fragrance pick for this fall. 

Estée Lauder Fall Preview Event

I followed the sounds of 'ohs' & 'ahs' to find a donut wall! Yes those are real donuts that are colour matched to different skin tones. 

Estée Lauder

The donut wall, or better referred to as the selfie spot of the day, was right next to a large make up table where the loveliest make up artist colour matched my skin using a hand held device. We found that my colour is "Ecru" which is the second lightest colour (I stay out of the sun, I'm terrified of skin damage!). After learning about the ingredients in the new Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude (watermelon, lychee seed and apple) and the fact that it is SPF 30 (music to my ears!) it was time to try it out. We removed some of my foundation and replaced it with the Double Wear Nude. It felt great but I knew the big test would be wearing it exclusively for the next few days. I have sensitive skin and I'm always worried about my reaction to foundation. I have worn this for three days now and love it. It agrees with my skin and it's easy to apply! The best way to apply is by using the tips of your fingers, the warmth from your hands helps heat up the foundation and lets it glide across your face. I'm not a big fan of make up brushes so this was music to my ears! 

Estée Lauder

The Advanced Night Repair is something I have been using for a few months and I am in love. I started using this on a few lines on my forehead and while they haven't disappeared (because that's not possible) they are reduced. It's a great nighttime serum and I swear by it. Which is why I am so happy to let you know they have come out with an Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate that is specifically formulated to treat the delicate skin around your eyes.  

Estée Lauder

Hold onto your hats, the popular Pure Color line is coming out with four new mascaras to try at the end of August! The Envy Lash Multi Effects is designed to coat and nourish the lashes while preventing dry, flaky mascara. If it's as good as the Sumptuous Bold mascara, we're in for a real treat! 

Estée Lauder Fall

The new Revitalizing Supreme + line was all new to me and I couldn't wait to learn more! There is a Global Anti-Aging Instant Refinishing Facial, the Resilience Lift Night, Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme and Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Balm. They all contain RevitaKey Technology, which features an exclusive moringa extract. It all sounds good to me! Just think, you pick up a few of these and with daily use you're looking great by Thanksgiving! 

Canadian bloggers

The Estée Lauder team really knew how to throw a party. Not only did we all learn about the new fall line, we got to partake of a wonderful breakfast spread with the CN Tower as the backdrop, leave with more than a few goodies and meet up with friends! I ran into Stephanie Sterjovski Jolly at the event and she could not have been sweeter. I've followed her blog for a few years and she's just so down to earth about her success and the general world of social media. We had a lovely chat getting to know each other (and I have to apologize for telling her to get the Aerin Lauder book. I'm a bag influence like that!) 

After that I did a little shopping in Toronto and hopped back onto the highway for home. I'm counting down the days until fall not only because it is my favourite time of year but with all the amazing advancements in skin care and make up, I just can't wait to get them all home with me!

Special thanks to the Estée Lauder PR team for a lovely event and the even lovelier gift bag!