My Summer Lipsticks


I've been testing out a few lipsticks this summer and noticed that no matter the outfit or occasion I found myself going back to just three lipsticks. 
Three totally different lipsticks, three totally different brands at three different price points in three totally different colours! I have before professed my love of matte lipsticks and while they are still my fave, this summer has been hot, hot, hot and a little more moisture has been needed for the lips.

{Photo above, left to right}

Laura Mercier in French Kiss This is the perfect summer pink! French Kiss is described as bubblegum pink but I'd describe it as a muted hot pink. It's soft satin-matte texture finishes to give you lips a 'just kissed' glow and the long lasting pigments mean you'll only have to reapply after said kissing ;) It's a great everyday colour and one I happily wear in the office. I wore it in this post where I styled a pink and blue outfit. You'll notice that it does stand out but it doesn't take all the attention away from your outfit or face. $28 US / $34 Can

Art Deco Cosmetics Color Booster Lip Balm - This is just the most ingenious product - a nourishing lip balm that contains self-colouring pigments that enhance the lip's natural colour! I carry this in my bag Even when I don't wear any make-up I throw this on for a little boost. I would say that my natural lips have a blue tone to them and when I put this on it finishes to a very delicate natural looking colour, no blue tint. If I want a little more boost I will keep re-applying during the day to build up the pink tone. The colour will get deeper and deeper with every swipe, mine finishes to an almost berry pink! The only thing to watch for when re-applying throughout the day is feathering or bleeding. I have a tendency to apply this without a mirror, which is fine for a first application. Any more than that, you need to be able to see where you are applying. $16 Can at Shoppers Drug Mart

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick in Flambe I was sent this lipstick a few weeks ago as part of an Influenster box to test out and review (Anyone can sign up for Influenster, you do not need to be a blogger!). While I do love the Bite Beauty brand (Yay for a Canadian brand!) and I especially love that they use natural ingredients, like anti-aging antioxidants and organic shea and food butters (which is why their lipsticks smell so darn good!) I am a self professed matte lipstick lover and gave up on glosses around the time of Britney's meltdown (sorry Brit Brit, still love you!) so I was more than skeptical about this lipstick. And boy was I wrong! The smell, the gliding application, the saturated colour! I was sent three shades to try out (a deep, dusty pink and a brown) but this one is my fave. Flambe is a bright red-orange and it is a knock out shade! I was worried about the orange tint to it but I shouldn't have been. Turns out it goes with a lot in my wardrobe. It looks great with coral colours, whites, green, blue, black, I haven't found a time when it doesn't work. It is a liquified lipstick so yes, there is a drawback of it being sticking like a gloss, but only at first application. After a little time (your hair blowing in the wind will end up in your lipstick. Trust me on this one) it dries not to a matte per se, but just a nice non-sticky lipstick. It's super hydrating and the colour has real staying power so one application is all you'll need. $24 US / $28 Can 


And I couldn't write a blog post about summer lipsticks without mentioning my all-season, everyday, use it in the morning and right before bed, Blistex. I cycle through a few purses for work, running errands and dressing up and in each one you will find one, or more, of the SPF 15 Blistex. My lips are always dry, especially in the mornings. There isn't a single day where I don't start with a swipe of my Blistex. I love that it has SPF in it and I reapply many times throughout the day, I sometimes even swipe this over a lipstick mid-way through the day. I'm a big advocate of wearing SPF at all times and we shouldn't forget the delicate skin on our lips. Have you ever gotten a sunburn on your lips? It's not pretty folks, take my word for it. $2-$4 Can & US

What lipsticks are you loving for this summer? What's your go-to lipstick? Let me know in the comments below!