Homemade Apple Fritters

apple recipes

Now that the days are growing shorter and cooler, I am finding myself returning to my kitchen to bake up treats to satisfy my family's sweet tooth. One of our favourite treats, that was inspired by the region we live in, is apple fritters.
Waterloo Region started as a German settlement and that influence is still felt to this day in our area. When I was growing up in the country, far away from here, an apple fritter was a glob (sorry, can't come up with a better description than that!) of apple chunks and bread coated in icing sugar. And I loved them that way! I was lucky enough to live near a bakery that made the best ones. The ones you get at fast food coffee shops do not even compare.

When I moved to Kitchener, I did what every other Kitchenerite does. Head to the St.Jacobs Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings and wait, sometimes a very long time, in the apple fritter line. The fritters are so popular that if you show up to a friends house or dinner party with a box you will get ohh's and ahhh's from the crowd. 

But...apple fritters are done quite differently here. They are slices of apple coated in batter, deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. And they are just amazing! Totally worth the long lines! When the boys were very little and it would get really cold in the winter, we wouldn't be able to make our weekly trip to pick up apple fritters. That's when I decided to try making them on my own! I still buy them when the Oldest and I happen to be at market, but for the most part I will make them on weekends or by special request. 


The recipe is quite simple which makes these more fun than chore to make! I start with farm fresh apples (Granny smith make the best ones because they still have a little crunch but I love the taste of McIntosh) and a homemade pancake batter recipe. I have had this recipe since the Youngest was born 15 years old which is why my piece of paper is covered in oil, butter and flour stains. Sure, I could have printed it out on the computer or read a recipe off my phone, but bringing out this little piece of paper makes me think back to when my boys were young and I can be very sentimental about things concerning my boys. The batter recipe is:

1 cup flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons melted butter


Whisk the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine the wet in another bowl. Add the wet to dry and whisk until smooth.

apple recipe

While the batter sits and thickens, peel, core and slice your apples. For a family of four I use two apples and use the leftover batter to make pancakes. If I am taking these into the office or to share with friends, I will use 4-5 apples. 

Homemade Apple Fritters

Place 2-3 apple slices in the batter and turn to coat. 

Homemade Apple Fritters

You want a nice coating all around the apple slice. Lift up with a fork or a spoon and let some of the batter drip off. 

Homemade Apple Fritters

I like to fry my apple fritters in plain old vegetable oil. I added a few cups to a frying pan and turn the heat up to medium-high. To test it out I drop in a little batter. If it starts to fry and crisp up, you are ready! 

I timed making the fritters this time and it's approximately one minute per side. It all happens so quickly, this is not the time to be walking away from your stove! 


After both sides are fried, remove to a plate with paper towel and then quickly move to a plate of cinnamon sugar (I use 2 cups granulated sugar with a few teaspoons cinnamon) and turn to coat. 

apple fritters

Then you have a stack of the most delicious apple fritters, no line at the Farmer's Market involved! 

Homemade Apple Fritters

I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to these homemade apple fritters in that I like them on their own with a nice cuppa tea. You can dip them into caramel sauce or even top them with ice cream for a sinful fall treat but I think they are great just on their own. 

I picked up this really old school 70's looking brown glass plate in the shape of a maple leaf (how very Canadian!) on a vintage shopping trip this summer and I've been waiting for fall to finally use it. I love loading it up with treats to have with tea, always in my blue and white mugs (I have a lot of them!) and my blue and white bar towels from Kendra Bester Design that I use constantly (my fave is to use them as napkins because they wash so well!) They were sold out for a while but I see they are back in stock and the large tea towels are on sale! Best to grab them now while you still can! 

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