Not So Scary Candy Apples


My dear friend Kendra, of Kendra Bester Design, and I share a love of being in the kitchen. We try to coordinate a day every few months where we can whip up a few treats (remember our lemon drop party?). It's always fun to come with ideas and then spend the day creating in the kitchen while catching up on what's going on in our lives. Kendra is not only a talented interior designer, she's a savvy business woman and was recently interviewed by A Well Designed Business, where she talked about how she has navigated the business end of her design business (you can listen to Kendra's podcast here). It was a truly inspiring listen and I'm just in awe of how much she has accomplished in her three years of business. But we're not here to talk all about this (maybe I can get Kendra on the blog next month to answer some design and business questions!) we are here to show you the treats we made for some little trick or treaters in our family. Some not-so-scary candy apples!


Kendra's parents were kind enough to let us use their kitchen for the day. The all white and bright space was, of course, designed by Kendra more than five years ago. Five years and it looks straight out of today's Pinterest pages! Truly a classic design. We knew we wanted to make some Halloween treats but with a more feminine spin. My house was overflowing with apples from a recent trip to Martin's Apples in town and the new pastel pumpkins that you have been seeing all over the internet this year guided our decision to make pretty instead of scary candy apples. 


We followed this recipe to make the coating for candy apples. We added in gel food colouring to make purple candy apples. They taste just as sweet and delicious as the regular red ones! 

Not So Scary Candy Apples

Whenever you are making candy apples, or any boiled candy for that matter, you need a candy thermometer. They let you know exactly when you have reached the hard crack stage (290-300 degrees).

candy apples

Candy apples can be tough for little mouths, so we also made a batch of white chocolate coated apples and apple slices. These little apple slices are great as finger foods and for little hands. To melt the chocolate we used a double boiler (fill a pot half way with water and place a heat proof glass bowl on top). We melted the chocolate squares over med-high heat and added a few tablespoons of shortening to get the chocolate to a covering consistency. Without the shortening, the chocolate is too think to coat an apple. 

candy apples

A trick is to make sure your apples are well scrubbed and dried. There is a film on most apples and any coating will not adhere. For the apple slices, after cutting we dipped them in a bowl of water with some lemon juice to prevent browning. Dry well before dipping into the melted chocolate.  

Not So Scary Candy Apples

To 'pretty' up the chocolate apples we sprinkled them with gold dragees, crushed Reese's and the classic Halloween treat, Rockets! What kid doesn't love those powdery sweets? 

candy apples

The treats tasted as good as they looked! I brought a bunch home for my boys and their favourite was the apple slices because they are so easy to eat. It's also a fun way to get an apple a day into your growing kids and I would love to try this treat again around Thanksgiving and Christmas.


We knew we wouldn't be able to eat all these treats ourselves (boy, did we try!) so we packaged up the rest to give out. Kendra found some cello bags with a silver circular tray at the bottom from the dollar store. They worked out great for the large apples and we topped them with bows in our theme colours; pink, orange and gold.

It was a fun day spent chatting and creating in the kitchen. Kendra and I really enjoy doing these collaborations and I hope you do, too! Part of our day was dreaming up some fun ideas for the coming holiday season. If there's anything specific you'd like to see us tackle, let me know in the comments below!

Check out Kendra's post about the day on her website

Wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Aww, just read this and thanks so much for the little paragraph at the beginning, so you are so sweet! Your such an amazing writer, I feel like I need to go adjust my blog post now... Happy Halloween and I am going to go head over to my blog and add this link to my post. Can't wait for our Christmas collaborations there are going to be amazing :)