Trend To Try for fall Leopard

Leopard is a perennial fall favourite. From large patterned outerwear to small touches in your accessories. Leopard is everywhere right now so let's see how we can incorporate this classic print into our everyday wardrobes! 

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Truth be told, I only converted to wearing leopard a few short years ago. I had loved it from afar but felt uneasy styling it into my closet, which I would describe as classic and colourful. I worried that if I started adding leopard I would end up looking like Peggy Bundy! Not that I didn't love Married with Children growing up but when you are trying your hardest to build a wardrobe of clothing that will actually get used, this can turn you off. 

I'll tell you how I overcame this fear, I started small. I bought a cute leopard printed nightgown from Victoria Secret that looks identical to the one above. I lived with it (and loved it!) for a while and decided to branch out and add leopard printed flats, jewellery and shirts. Now, I am loving bottoms and especially outerwear! I've rounded up the items that I am truly loving this fall and I wanted to share how to style each one.   

Glasses - If you are lucky like me and need to wear glasses 24/7 (that's sarcasm in case you couldn't tell) you can add a little hint of leopard in your eyewear. I think the bright flecks of gold add a little sparkle to your eye. I've been wearing the same frames for 3 years now and I think it's time I change it up. I wear my glasses more during the fall/winter months because I find indoor heat drying when I wear contacts. The neutral colours also work for every outfit so no need to have a back up pair that matches with your fabulous new top.

Vest - This is a bold one here but one that I think works so well with items we probably all have in our closets already! I am so in love with the white oxford and dark striped sweater look. I love vests because they keep you warm but also free your arms up to do things like drive. I also love the idea of wearing a red sweater with jeans and this vest, or even white jeans and a forest green sweater. How cute would that be!

Nightgown - As I mentioned this is where I started adding leopard into my wardrobe. It was a safe and private way for me to determine if this is something I felt comfortable wearing. Turns out I do and now wear leopard proudly! I'd also like to add in a few more leopard pj's because there really are some cute ones!

Skirt - This Kate Spade skirt is a total splurge but one that would be worth it if you can wear it to a few different functions this holiday season and re-wear in the next few years. How about pairing with a Christmas red blouse and matching heels, or a red and white stripe turtleneck and booties? I would even wear this with a plain white fitted sweater and a dazzling crystal necklace.

Bracelet - Still uneasy about adding leopard into your day to day wardrobe? How about starting small with this chainlink bracelet. This would jazz up a plain black long sleeve and could be worn to work or on the weekend with minimal commitment.

Flats - Leopard flats go with everything. Don't believe me? Imagine black leggings and an oversized white oxford. Cute right? How about with a black skirt and nylons and a pink blouse? Adorable! How about with dark jeans, a navy checkered blouse and a matching leopard belt. Perfection! I can't think of an outfit that wouldn't look great with the addition of leopard flats!

Pants - Many years ago I saw an ad campaign for a very popular mall brand and it has stuck with me. The model was wearing  leopard pants a white button down and a peacock blue fitted sweater. It has always stuck with me because it was such an unusual pairing but it just worked! I missed out on the opportunity to buy those pants and that shirt but now I can correct that by picking up these leopard leggings. My only word of advice on these leggings is to stick with flats as your footwear and ones that are single colour. The second you add heels to these pants, that's when the Peggy Bundy comparisons start (again, I love Peggy Bundy but it's just not my style!)

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  1. I adore these picks! My fave is that vest-- adding it to my wish list currently!! It would be easy to leave open with my growing bump, too! haha!