Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Tea

typhoo tea

After last night's snowfall and this morning's below freezing temperature, I thought today would be the perfect time to talk about brewing the perfect cup of tea. Yes, there is a true art to making a soul stasfiying cuppa that will leave a smile on your face.

I've watched in horror (ok, slight exaguration) as friends, coworkers and cafe servers plop any old tea bag into luke warm water and try to pass that off as their daily tea. SMH. I take my tea very seriously. It's the absolute first thing I do in the morning and it sets my entire day. I'm always willing to make a cup for guests and I've heard more than once about how my tea just tastes so much better than what they have at home. As much as I do enjoy the compliment, I think it's time I share my secret so you too can enjoy a wee tea on what will probably be our first snowy weekend.

I've broken this down into a few simple steps. You don't need any special equipment or designer tea bags (although they are quite good!) I'm sure you have all of this already in your own home!

First things first, you need the right tea bag

And for me, it's Typhoo. I've been drinking this for as long as I can remember. I once could only get it at the Scottish bakers so it was reserved for drinking around the holidays but now I find it in the tea aisle at Sobeys, a grocery chain for my non-Canadian friends. I guarantee (guarantee void in Tennessee *Simpson's reference*) that once you try Typhoo, you will never try another orange pekoe tea. I'm so serious about this tea that when I go on vacation, I bring a few bags in a ziploc bag in my carry on. I don't even trust it to my checked bag!

If for some reason you can't get your hands on Typhoo, Tetley is another good selection. Now that you know what tea to use, make sure the bags are not stale. It's only $5 a box, buy a fresh one if you can't remember how long the box has been in you cupboard.

Then you need the right mug

tea mugs

I am a mug hoarder and I'm perfectly ok with that

This is so important for a few reasons. You want a good mug that will keep your drink warm, feel good in your hand, and not alter the taste of the tea. My preference is anything ceramic, porcelain, even pottery mugs like the Emma Bridgwater ones you can get in the UK. It's best to steer clear of any plastic mugs (unless it's a Tervis travel mug) or metal mugs as they both can alter the taste. I once drank my tea out of a metal travel mug and it tasted like drinking tin! Not a pleasant experience.

And now we can make tea!

It's as simple as this

typhoo tea

Boil your water in an electric kettle (fastest) or a kettle on the stove.


Steep your tea bag in your boiled water for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes


Add milk until your desired shade of tea. If you're not from Canada, did you notice in my first picture that our milk comes in a bag? I didn't know we were the only ones that have our milk in plastic bags!

I would say I prefer my tea milky tan or possibly #Nuditea. Typhoo has this great Instagram campaign where they ask how you take your tea and that hashtag name seems to match how I like mine.

Once you're at the colour you like, swirl your tea bag and lift, letting the last few strong drips of tea fall back into your mug.

hudson's bay

Enjoy with your breakfast. I recommend breakfast in bed. It's a few moments that I have to myself before the whole house wakes up and I have to get myself ready for the day. Breakfast, or even just tea in bed, every morning started as a joke a few years ago and now it's my daily routine and I love it. It's a bit of indulgence that doesn't cost me anything. I use this time to catch up on social media and do some Pinterest browsing before I get up and out of bed.

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  1. A cup of hot tea is good friend with winter season.
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