Christmas Pajamas Gift Guide


I think you might be surprised to learn that we probably have the same Christmas Eve tradition. Each year my parents bought us kids (there were four of us!) new Christmas pajamas that we were allowed to open on Christmas Eve. I carried that tradition on when we had our own kids and I remember telling someone at work this story, thinking I was the only one. Well, a few people overheard the conversation an they chimed in that they did that too...and they also thought they were the only family that did this!

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I don't know how this tradition got started but turns out that so many of us are following it, without even knowing that we're all doing it! It's a tradition I really do look forward to. A new set of Christmas themed pajamas, a mug of hot chocolate while watching The Polar Express, followed by It's a Wonderful Life and swapping hot chocolate for spirits. I don't care how old I get, that will be my tradition and in exactly that order.

Today marks the beginning of Christmas gift guides here on Celebrating This Life. I wanted to start with the pajamas because in my experience, these are the first item to sell out every year. They are a hot ticket item on Black Friday thanks to some incredible doorbuster prices. I'm sharing the links and prices as of this morning but they could change come Black Friday. Make sure to visit again early on November 24th because I will be sharing all the best deals and any coupon codes I can find!

Now is a good time to take a look through your pajama drawer and see what needs replaced. I like to take an inventory around this time of year and again in June to remove anything that has seen better days or put away any items that won't work in the current season. I try to limit myself to 3-4 pairs of pajamas for each season (saves on drawer space) but with all the cute Christmas pajamas I am seeing this year, I just might have to up that number!

So tell you and your family open a gift on Christmas Eve and it's always Christmas pajamas?

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