Cyber Monday Shopping


That was a busy Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday but hold onto your hats because now we have Cyber Monday!
It seems like Cyber Monday is just as popular as Black Friday and based on the sales I have been seeing, if you skipped the lines in store on Black Friday, you will still be able to snag the items you wanted, for the same discount, online today! I'm pretty shopped out after spending Black Friday in Chicago and doing a lot of small business shopping in Detroit, but there are a few things I have my eye one (and are currently sitting in my shopping bag). I have to assess the damage I did on vacation before I hit 'buy' but I thought you might be interested in seeing what I have my eye on.

**Update 10:30am** I purchased this scarf and hat at 50% off and 40% off respectively. I also signed up for their loyalty program and saved another 10% off the entire purchase, and got free shipping! I could not be happier right now and I can't wait to wear them with my hot pink Patagonia coat this winter.

The above Christmas sweater (reg. price $89.50, 50% off today) is the first thing that caught my eye this morning. It's a cute little holiday outfit and could fill in if you have an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend. I bought this sweater from the same retailer two years ago. I was so in love with it and was wearing it when a friend stopped by and asked "Would you like to come to my ugly sweater Christmas party?" and out of nowhere I said "I don't own any ugly clothes" You know those moments where you regret the thing you said as soon as you said it? That was mine. My only defence is I really do love all my clothes! Truthfully, she caught me off guard and I must have been having a quick witted moment (I'm so not quick witted. I'm still trying to come up with retorts to comments from the 90's!) Everyone got a good laugh out of it and around this time of year my husband and children will repeat the line "I don't own any ugly clothes" to me just to make sure I am properly embarrassed and never forget my gaffe. Which is exactly what family is for.

green jacket

Hello, my name is Rox-Anne, and I am addicted to buying coats. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? I've already added three (oh as I type that out I realize that is bad) new coats in the last two months but this green wool coat with faux-fur trim (reg $329, now 50% off!) is too cute to pass up! It would look fab all winter long with jeans, leggings and all holiday dresses! The bright green colour would also look fab in spring so if we end up with a long and drawn out winter, you can look fashionable while freezing your you-know-what off.


A tartan wrap skirt, with a bow tie waist, for only $46?!?! That's your holiday dressing finished! A tucked in black long sleeve with a multi strand pearl necklace, or with a loose grey sweater and long pendant necklace, or a navy sequined shirt...the possibilities are endless! Also get free shipping with code 'cyber'

cyber monday

A classic crewneck sweater in a cheery red is sure to brighten up the cold days ahead! It comes in six classic colours and at only $42 with free shipping, you can collect them all and stay warm and cozy while matching everything that is already in your closet. 


These wicked good slippers (reg $79 get 25% off with code 'cyber25') have been sitting on my wish list for a while. I totally appreciate good slippers, especially now that I work from home so often and my workspace happens to be over a vent, which is either blowing hot or cold. Either way, my feet are always little icicles. I have a cheap pair to get me by right now but they won't last long so I am thinking of investing in a pair I know I will have for a while. 


  1. The tartan wrap skirt is sooo cute! I will have to check that out. Also, I totally forgot about Cyber Monday this year and was very confused when I woke up to 25 emails from various stores.

  2. Christmas sweaters are one of the first things I think about when I think of the holiday season, but I don't think I've ever thought about Christmas scarves! Love it! // I bought too much over Black Friday/Cyber Monday T_T I'm not allowed to shop for the rest of my lifeeeee. Or at least not until the next Black Friday/Cyber Monday ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's