Navy Stripe Powder Room

Navy Stripe Powder Room

Earlier this year I had decided that the main floor of our house needed to be redecorated. We made a plan and committed to three main areas, our kitchen, living/dining room and main entry hallway. Each presented challenges, like the arduous task of removing popcorn ceilings (more on that in a future post), and like many projects, it seemed to drag on and on. 

Summer came and our focus was on our vintage car and besides, no one wanted to be in the house painting in the heat. As soon as the first leaf fell, I knew it was crunch time. I really wanted to get the house in order long before the holiday season started. With so many nearly there projects, I really wanted a quick win. I never even considered redecorating our powder room until we saw how much left over paint we had.  

Navy Stripe Powder Room

We had almost a full can of Benjamin Moore Kensington Blue (840 part of the classic collection) in Ben Premium eggshell and a nearly full can of Benjamin Moore Cloud White (CC-40) in Ben Semi-Gloss leftover from painting our hallway (I promise to share that transformation soon!). A few hours on Pinterest later and I was convinced that navy stripes where the only way to go in this little space. If we were going to do this little space, I wanted to go bold but I also wanted to get it done quickly. 

Navy Stripe Powder Room

I actually only finished the room yesterday! The paint had been done for a little over a month but I still needed to add the chair rail, art, hand towel, and finish some touch ups. To do that, I needed to spend a little less time taking outfit photos on the weekends and commit to finally finishing one room. Funny how the first room to be done was not even on my original list! 

Navy Stripe Powder Room

Speaking of art, I opted to create a grouping of pictures instead of placing one photo in each wall. I felt that with the stripes, the walls already feel quite busy so I thought keeping all the pictures to the largest wall would draw the eye in, but not overwhelm. I picked up these 11x14 frames from Michaels on Saturday morning and by noon, had picked out four different photos to place in them. 

I found random Christmas clipart on Pinterest and used my regular old printer. I found the "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" sign on the Yellow Bliss Road blog where the lovely blogger Kristin offers this as a free printable! I also had to include a Bernese dog driving in a truck with a Christmas tree because of our loveable Bernese Mountain Dogs, Colton and Lily! 

I am only keeping the Christmas photos in the frames for the holiday season and will replace them in the new year. I was thinking ginger jars would look nice grouped together, or photos of horses, or pretty flowers, or even black and white architecture prints. The frames were $14 Can each and came with an 8x10 matte. The matte looked white in store but now that they are in the powder room, they are very cream. When I replace the photos, I will spray paint the matte with white spray paint to give it a cleaner look. 

Navy Stripe Powder Room

After visiting Michaels for frames, I made a trip to Bath and Body Works and picked up a new Christmas soap, next was Yankee Candle for a little votive to make the room smell nice (scent Christmas Eve), a WalMart trip to get a wreath and some red ribbon and Target for our hand towel.

We upgraded our outlets and bought a nickel light and outlet cover. They were about 9 dollars each which is a lot more than the 45 cent white ones we had but so worth it. I'm sure they will last until the next renovation!  

painting stripes

The powder room had not been painted for a number of years and we didn't really have a decorating theme for it. It was a utilitarian place and that's about it. To start bringing this little room from drab to fab, we painted the entire room, including ceiling, in semi-gloss paint. I used the semi-gloss in our hallway because I find it easy to wipe clean when the dogs make a mess (like shaking after rolling in mud. Cute.) 

To figure out the width of the stripes I sat with a measuring tape, the calculator app on my phone and so many post-it notes. You'd think I was solving the the mysteries of the universe with all the math I was doing! I measured each wall, added them all together and started dividing by numbers between 3-8. I landed on 6 inches being a good number and went about marking the walls in pencil. Now here's the fun part. Not every stripe is exactly 6 inches. A few are a little smaller and a few are a little bigger. I'm a trial and error kind of person so I went around the room marking stripes, then erasing, then remarking until I got it just right. 


When I put the painters tape up I used a level to make sure the lines were straight. I also taped off the ceiling and bottom half of the room so I could keep the bottom all white. 


I was using Frog Tape and ran out on the last few stripes. We had some old painters tape so I used that and carried on. I will say this, only use Frog Tape if you want clean lines. Any of the stripes that had the generic painters tape bled over. Now, I am not a perfectionist by any means. I tried to tidy some of the bleeding but I'm really not worried about it. But if I ever decided to do something like this again, I would make sure to have lots of Frog Tape on hand. 

Navy Stripe Powder Room

After the paint was dry I measured, cut, painted and hung chair rail. I am so glad that my dad used to make me help him around the house because now I can cut corners like the pros. Ok, so the real trick is to have a great miter box and to take your time. I used a thin amount of no nails glue, with a few 1 1/4 inch finishing nails that I counter sunk (use an old screw driver and a hammer to drive them in), and then covered any gaps with wood filler. 

Now that I write it out, it really was a lot of work! I'm so glad that it's done and I actually really like checking out our powder room and I also even happier that I can say we have one room all done!  

painted stripes




target bathroom towel



powder room

I'm still trying to decide if I should swap out the pedestal sink for a cabinet with a marble countertop, but for now I'm sticking with the pedestal. Which means that I needed something to hold extra toilet paper. I picked up this seagrass basket for under $5 at Goodwill in the summer and the rug was part of a larger aisle runner that was $14 at the Southworks Antique mall. I really wanted a rug for this space because the floor is quite cold. The ends of the rug were in rough shape so I cut off the bad parts and voila! 

I'm so happy I went with navy stripes for this powder room because it really is the bold look I was hoping for and because we used paint and materials we had left over, it really didn't cost us too much (which is great because I can't say that for the rest of the house!) Now all I have to do is get the hallway, living room and kitchen done and then we'll be ready for all of our holiday visitors!


  1. I'm in LOVE with your bathroom! I remember following the redesign on Instagram stories. It's a great idea to have the frames so you can swap out seasonal images!