The Best of This Weekend's L.L. Bean Sale

l.l.bean sale

Have I got big, Big, BIG news for you! This weekend only, everything on L.L.Bean is 25% off! That includes sale items, new items and, wait for it...Bean Boots! OMG, this never happens! Add in free shipping and well, let's just say there will be some shopping this weekend!

Chunky knit sweater solid & bird's eye
Scarf solid & bird's eye
Hat solid & bird's eye

The sale officially started Thursday morning and it will continue until Tuesday November 14th. I'm not sure what's going on weather wise in your area but in my neck of the woods we got our first blast of winter weather. The Great White North is really earning it's nickname with the inch of snow that fell overnight. 

This L.L.Bean sale is the perfect excuse to pick up something for yourself to prepare for all this winter weather. What is really unique is that Bean Boots are included in this sale. If you've been sitting on the fence on whether you really need a pair, I posted a Bean Boot buying guide that just might help sway you. 

Knowing that the cold temperatures are here to stay for a few months, I have been taking an inventory of mine and my husband's winter coats. I'm thinking of adding the navy duffle coat above to my closet for me and the olive green parka would be great for my husband. Our youngest has an L.L.Bean jacket very similar to this one and he always raves about how warm it is. 

Some other items you should be considering picking up during this sale are a new set of warm flannel sheets (everyone I know who has them loves them!), warm winter hats, and fair isle sweaters perfect for spending time outdoors or opening presents on Christmas day! Speaking of dressing up for Christmas, how perfect is this flannel dress? Pair with a simple white cardigan and pearls or layer over a button down (one with ruffles would be amazing!) 

And last but not least, add some wicked good slippers to your shopping bag. These are tops of my Christmas wish list but I don't think I'll be waiting for Santa this year, at 25% off I can buy them myself! 


  1. This is such a great deal! Those boots are my favorite!!

    1. I just love the boots too! I even have a Bean boots keychain :D xx

  2. I caved and ordered a pair of bean boots. Let's hope they do me well on all my fall/winter walks!

    1. You're going to love them! They are so comfy for walking and they were made for fall and winter weather! xx