This Life: Episode 1

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It's the start of a new month, a very busy month that leads into an even busier month, which is why I took a much needed few days off from blogging last week so I could prepare myself for everything that is coming up. In doing this I thought of a new column where I could keep you all up date on everything going on in This Life!

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There are lots of things that I don't share on the blog or on my Instagram account, not because I don't want to share, but I just never really had the place! Now I do and I will update this every so often so you can get to know me a little better. I'm giving this column episode numbers because my BFF has told me for years that my life is like a sitcom! Sometimes this family of mine does crazy things and since we are all always up for an adventure from time to time it reads like a sitcom straight out of TGIF. Well, let's get right to it!

Work -  It's nearing year end which for me at my full-time day job is my busy season. I mention this because after talking about how I'm trying to plan my work calendar for the next two months, a new friend asked "what job?" Seems I haven't been very good at letting you know that blogging is not my main job and for that, I apologize.

All the travelling, new clothes, etc. are financed by moi who happens to put in a 40 hour work week and blogs in the wee hours of the morning or on weekends. And I'm not complaining because I feel that continuing to hold down my full-time career keeps me grounded. I don't talk about my day job often because, well, without sounding negative it's kind of boring. I love it but it's not all that exciting to talk about. I'm still relatively new to the role (not the company, just celebrated 10 years!) having previously spent 5 1/2 years working in disasters. Not going to lie, that was a stressful job where I was on 24/7. I am actually quite happy spending some time behind the scenes right now and being able to shut down at the end of the day and not worry that I could get a call to come back into the office on a moments notice.

Blogging - If you ask me what brings me joy, blogging will be in the top 10. I love the opportunity to write, create (oh how I love making product round ups in Photoshop!) and make new friends. Some of my closest friends right now have all been made through blogging! Speaking of blogging, I just celebrated three years of running this website and I was so busy, I forgot to mark the occasion. Really bad for a lady who has a blog that starts with Celebrating! I did recently celebrate my wedding anniversary with dinner at one of my favourite places, Langdon Hall, and it was so lovely so that more than makes up for missing my blog's birthday.

Home - We've been in our humble abode for almost 11 years now and it was time to redecorate. The last time we painted and bought furniture/accessories, the trend was tan colours everywhere with espresso coloured wood. I loved the look, at the time. Now, I can't stand the sight of any wood darker than walnut. But before we got to picking paint colours and all that, one thing needed to be taken care of, our ceilings. Our genius homebuilder left us with popcorn ceilings in every room, kitchen included. We have been removing the old popcorn ceiling in each room on the main floor but it is exhausting work yo!

The family room/dining room is done and our plan is to do the kitchen in a few weeks. We've decided to leave the hallway alone for now because a) it really is so much work and b) I wanted to try and get one room done right away and decided to skip removing the ceiling. I'm almost done the hallway, just looking for one last wall hanging. My hope is to get the entire main floor done in plenty of time to celebrate the holidays and you know I will be sharing it all here on the blog! I have so many DIY's to share!

Balance - And for this, I have none. There was so much to be done before our big trip to Scotland this year, then we were on 10 days of vacation (which if you know how we vacation is no relaxing and constantly moving from place to place) then came back to some serious jet lag and general lack of giving a shit about, well, most things (unless it was Stranger Things and then I cared a great deal). Our whole family's balance is off. With two teenagers in the house and a husband who starts work in the wee hours of the morning, I don't think anyone is getting a good night's sleep around here. Add to that busy work schedules and spending most weekends running around doing errands, things have just been crazy here.

The funny thing about doing things in a hurry is you don't make the best decisions. Like I detest having to grocery shop on the weekends so when we do go in, it's a smash and grab. Then I spend at least two nights a week back at the grocery store to pick up something for dinner and then we eat out at least twice that same week. It's madness! I took some time off from blogging, which truth be told I probably spend far more than 40 hours a week working on, and I got our lives in order. I'm back to meal planning and hope to only make one trip to the grocery store a week. We will still probably eat out during the week since three nights out of the week we are all out of the house, but meal planning is getting us back on the right track.

I've even come up with a way to prep weekend lunches so we all have something good to eat and don't need to run down to McD's for something quick! Getting our meals in order should help with another issue, weight. Yup, I'm coming right out and saying it. I've gained weight. It's the thing nobody wants to talk about and yet we all go through it! I've put on 20 pounds without really realizing it (10 last year and 10 this year, although I seem to go up and down 5 pounds each week). The only part of it that upsets me (besides my jeans being tight!) is that I let my life get too "busy" to worry about my health. It's not about looks. I've never considered myself an overly thin person. This blog has never been about me landing a modelling contract. It is and has always been, about creating outfits. I won't be participating in any fad diets, or boot camps, or anything else. I know that the way to get balance back in my life is to eat a healthy diet so that I can feel better and add more exercise back into my life. Am I worried about the numbers on the scale? Not in the slightest. Eating better and moving a little more should also help with the lack of sleep and general need to drink more coffee than any human should. I'm convinced that my lack of meal planning has thrown us all off balance in regards to our health and sleep, so by putting in a little research and work on meal planning for the week, I am hoping to bring some balance back to our house.

Stranger Things - I couldn't let a life update go by without mentioned Stranger Things! I woke up at 4am on the season two release day and spent eight hours watching the entire thing. It was even better than the first season! I was live tweeting while watching and I caught the eye of the team at Google who just happened to be in a Stranger Things collaboration with Netflix. After they reached out to me, they sent me a Google Home Mini loaded with a Stranger Things game! I've already set the system up at home, beaten the game, and have got the whole family using this smart device. I added my Spotify account to it and now I can play music whenever I want just by saying "Hey Google". So far I am loving it and a few people reached out and asked me to write a review on the device. I hear you loud and clear. Look for that in the next few days!

Well that was a lot! Like I said, I've got so much to share!

I'll leave you with a few links from around the Interwebs that I am loving. Enjoy!

Bean Boots on sale! Now there's something you don't hear everyday! 25% Off Bean Boots and Free Shipping. Offer Valid 11/9-11/14. Read my Bean boot buying guide and order yourself a pair before the snow starts!

Tiffany & Co. is opening their first ever cafe on November 10! Did you know you can buy a Tiffany's paper cup? That's right, for $95 you can buy a set of two bone china paper cups. Now everyday can be a Breakfast at Tiffany's day!

A sad day for baseball fans with the passing of the one and only Roy Halladay this week. It was and still is a total shock. Sportsnet shared this lovely tribute that gives a glimpse as to why he was so well loved and respected in the game.

Rain, Rain, go away I picked up this yellow rain coat while in Scotland (where you guessed it, it rained) and am I ever glad since it's been raining here at home quite a bit! Tonight's forecast calls for a mix of rain and snow. Will be interesting to see if the snow sticks around!

Help Buffalo Bisons pick a new mascot! The Bison's mascots are just as important as they players on the field and when Celery announced her retirement, fans were stunned. Such a popular character who famously never won a race until her very last. Now the Bisons are letting you pick her replacement. I wonder how many people will just ask for Celery to come back?

Where should Amazon build? As soon as Amazon announced that they were looking to expand and develop in another city, cities all over started throwing their hat in the ring by way of YouTube videos. I've watched a few and the hands down best one is Detroit. Move Here. Move The World.

Talbots Holiday Trunk Show Talbots stores in Toronto will be hosting a holiday fashion show with special guest Barb Benesh from the home office in Hingham, MA on November 16th & 17th. With so many cute holiday outfits, this could turn into a dangerous outing.

Would you try Haggis? True Scottish Haggish is being exported to Canada after a 46 year ban on the food product. Now that it will be available, will you try it? I have and I can tell you it is delish! It's like spicy meat. Just don't think about the ingredients and you're good.

Fortnum's Christmas windows have been revealed and it has me in the Christmas spirit. The theme 'Together We're Merrier' is exactly what we all need this Christmas. It's been a tough year out there in the world.

Soldier Fair Isle This perfect Christmas jumper was only released a week ago and almost all sizes are sold out! That puts me in panic mode. Do I buy a Christmas themed sweater this far away from the holidays?


  1. I caved...I bought bean boots. I wish they came in black though. Hopefully I'll like them in person. They seem like a good option for fall/early winter weather.

    1. Oh you won't regret it! They are super comfortable, I wear them from Sept to April...and I never tie the laces! They are the easiest show I have to slip on to quickly run outside. Especially since it snowed last night! xx

  2. Totally random, but I'm a reader who loves the authenticity of your blog and also has (sadly) never met somebody who also loves Buffalo (!) so when I came across this article, I immediately thought of your blog. Maybe it'll come in handy for you!

    1. Thanks so much for reaching out and for your kind words! Thanks for including that link, there are so many great foodie spots in Buffalo, I'm glad that Food & Wine saw that too! xx