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All this week I will be bringing you Christmas gift guides to help make your holiday shopping a little easier but first, let's treat ourselves! This season we will be running from work, to the mall, to party after party, prepping large meals at home, the list goes on forever!
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So before all the craziness really sets in, let's treat ourselves a little. Today's gift guide is a mix of my Christmas wish list and items that I have either recently gifted, plan on gifting, or have heard great things about from friends! We've got some new clothing that can be worn this season and beyond, a few beauty products to make you smile, and so many cozy items that are just nice to have at home while the snow falls outside and the Christmas movies are playing.

Top of my Christmas list this year is the red Gucci soho small crossbody. I'm so in love with crossbody's and I would love to have a nice red one that I can wear this Christmas and all year long! I think it would awfully smart with the plaid cape, don't you?

My dear friend and frequent collaborator Kendra Bester Design was recently gifted David's Tea's tea advent calendar and just seeing it on her Instagram Stories made me run out to David's Tea to see what they have. The advent calendar was always sold out at my local store (they go fast!) but they didn't stop me from picking up a few new loose leaf teas like Let is snow, which is a green tea that I actually like (not usually a fan of green tea but I know it's good for me so I drink it!).

I recently picked up this lipstick on the weekend and it was love at first try! I have even been wearing it in the house because I just love the punch of colour. This will be my go-to lipstick this holiday season. I'm headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving and I can't wait to get to Target to pick up this hair repair mask because I have heard some amazing reviews. For all the ladies like myself that have to combat the frizzy's, this is supposed to be a lifesaver. While I'm at Tar-jay I'll also be picking up one of Joanna Gaines's Magnolia's collaboration, Hearth and Home, candles. I love any candle that smells like a Christmas tree!

This is the busiest travel time of the year for many. Whether you are driving or flying, this travel wrap, passport cover and travel mugs will keep you comfortable and organized. If you'll be changing time zones I find the easiest way to acclimate is by changing the time on my watch. This one by a Canadian company is a timepiece and bracelet in one (PS they are only here for a limited time).

When I'm at home, I just want to be comfortable. These slippers and cozy socks will keep my always cold as ice feet warm! On my trip to Scotland last month I gave my cousin this stripe blanket and she's been raving about it ever since. Makes me think I need this for my place and since it's on sale right now, I just might splurge and add another blanket to my couch (this is a joke because I have close to 10 blankets in my living room right now!)

Remember during this busy season to take good care of yourself. Take an afternoon day to sip some tea under a warm blanket and just enjoy the season. xx

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  1. I like that we all think about this, but never actually admit it! It's fun to treat yourself while you shop for others. So, thanks for making this. Glad to see you were able to get the Gucci Soho!