Doe a Deer

deer sweater

I've gone deer crazy this Christmas! Our Christmas tree is all decked out in deer and now I am, too! 


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christmas clothing


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Sweater (or jumper to my UK readers!) | Pants
Boots & Socks | Purse | Hat | Jacket (vintage)

Sharing photos from my quick trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan and the University of Michigan campus! I was in town just for the day and I managed to accomplish quite a bit! AMH and I did a little last minute Christmas shopping, picked up a car part for the Montego (the real reason for the day trip), and had lunch at one of my favourite spots in Taylor, Michigan...Hooters! I freaking love that place! The wings are amazing and they always have the seasonal blend of Sam Adams on tap. I am willing to bet you never thought you'd hear me say that, right?

Well before our lunch at Hooters (where I will add all the servers loved my deer sweater!) we walked around the Law Quad at the University of Michigan. It was a recommendation from a fellow blogging friend, Robin at The Dress Decoded, and what a great recommendation it was! The gothic style buildings reminded me of Europe. It was a popular spot for photographers as there were three other sets of people taking photographs, just like I was! Actually, a few students inside the buildings took photos of me taking photos! It was rather comical. 

I bought this deer sweater while I was in Scotland. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be just perfect for the Christmas season! I layered it with my comfy boyfriend chambray shirt and comfy and warm leggings. We were up and on the road at 6 am that morning and I really didn't want to sit in the car in jeans for a few hours, so leggings FTW! It was a simple and comfortable outfit for a day of shopping and spending some time outdoors. I'm looking forward to wearing this sweater a few more times over the holidays, paired with a plaid skirt, maybe white jeans, and pjs pants for opening presents on Christmas morning!  

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