Festive Fair Isle

pink in winter

I was feeling pretty bright and festive headed out to my favourite breakfast spot in town this past weekend


pink talbots

Things have been crazy in the Celebrating This Life household the past two weeks! We are in the home stretch of finishing our main floor renovations and fingers crossed, I'll be able to use my kitchen later today (it's been out of commission for two days now). Since everyone in the house works (even the kids) we only have the weekends to get work done. And work we've been doing! I'll share all in a few weeks but we started with removing our stucco ceiling and have repainted every darn surface of the house! 

On Saturday, our plan was to get up early, go grab breakfast at our favourite little diner in town and then get to work on the kitchen. Well.... we took the kids to the movies Friday night to see Blade Runner (AMH and I thought it was ok, the boys loved it) and next thing you know, we're watching movies at home until 3 am! That never happens in our house but lately we're never all in the same room at the same time so we tried to use this opportunity to the fullest.

But, we still managed to make it to breakfast on Saturday...it just happened to be at 10am! I ordered this scarf and hat from Talbot's on Black Friday and it arrived just in time for the snow and cold temperatures.  I was looking for a way to make my bright pink Patagonia festive and when I saw these winter accessories online, I knew they were perfect! I bought this jacket just before I left for my trip to Scotland and it was perfect for the cool, wet weather, and because it's so thin it was perfect for packing! 

Because the jacket is so thin, I worried it might not be acceptable for winter. I am such a fan of wearing one item, two ways (I even started a whole column about it!) and so far so good! I've worn it out in up to -5 C and I plan to keep testing it out this winter. This jacket was a bit of an investment and one I am glad I made. I anticipate that this will be a jacket I can leave in my closet all year long and because it's perfectly pink, I know I will reach for it over and over again! 

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