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The invites are rolling in and your burning through your stable of go-to party dresses a lot faster than you had anticipated. If you didn't pick up a new holiday party dress during the black Friday sale, fear not! This week the sales are anywhere from 10-50% off at your favourite retailers. 

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I've rounded up nine of the prettiest holiday dresses that I could find for under $200. In fact, most are under $100! And I don't know about you but when I buy a new party dress, I like to pick something that is classic so that I know I can keep it in the rotation for a few years. Each dress on this list has classic lines and colours, while still looking modern. Classic and modern, that's pretty much my guiding principal for all my clothing!

Truth be told, I've already picked up one of these dresses. I bought the centre dress in a red plaid and I just love it. I've already worn it three times! It's one of those classic dresses that you can dress ip and down, in fact I am working on a blog post for this week to show you how I've style this one dress two different ways!

Both my husband and I don't have any fancy work soirees to attend but we do always try to dress our best on Christmas. It's a tradition for us to wear our fanciest outfits for Christmas Eve dinner, with Christmas Day being a little more relaxed. Another tradition we have is our fancy meal out. When our boys were young we wanted to teach them about proper dining etiquette. Starting around five years old we dressed them up in their holiday best and went out to eat dinner a few days before Christmas. Each year the restaurant got fancier (we started at The Keg and moved up to five star dining) and we accomplished everything we set out to do. The boys have some of the best manners out there and always come to the dining table prepared to talk about something interesting. Oh, and they are sharp little dressers to boot!

I selected each of these dresses because I think they would look fantastic over the holiday season. If you're headed out to a big corporate event, a more intimate gathering of family and friends, or just dining out with the kids, these dresses be just the touch of festive cheer you are looking for. Add a clutch, heels and some sparkly earrings and you are ready for the holiday season!

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