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On the hunt for some pinecones to decorate for the holidays! 

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I love when you head into a home decor store and smell cinnamon around every corner. The scent is coming from bags of pinecones that you can buy and place around your home. This year, I have decided to try making them myself! It was also a good excuse to get outside and bring my pinecone hunter along with me.

This is Lily, my Bernese mix rescue dog. We rescued Lily from a barn (under not good circumstances at all. I'll tell you the full story another time) when she was 4 years old. This is a dog that had never been indoors before (I had to teach her how to walk on floors and to use stairs) and I tell you this so you can understand that Lily is what I like to call, a real dog. While yes, she is a spoiled little princess, she has that pack mentality and to be perfectly happy, she needs to work and exercise (my other dog, Colton, the very spoiled Bernese Mountain Dog, thinks he's human and has none of these qualities). When I decided to make this cinnamon pinecone craft, I knew Lily would be up for the challenge of hunting them down with me.

We headed to our local park where we have 40 feet tall trees that have been dropping pinecones for the last month. I spotted one on the ground and showed Lily what we were hunting for. Turns out she didn't exactly know what to do but she sure did get excited when I would tell her we found another one! Her little bandana is a Christmas scene with a snowman on it and it came free with a box of dog biscuits. Once we put it on her, we couldn't take it off! I would take it off her each night before bed but she really didn't like that so she's been wearing it 24/7 for a few weeks now. Funny little dog, living with me has made this former barn dog into a fashionista!

Speaking of fashion, I had been trying to think of a way to add a little feminine flair to my sherpa lined utility coat. I brought this coat with me on my trip to Scotland and it really fit in well in the rugged Scottish Highlands. I love how thick and cozy it is and I really wanted to keep wearing it into the winter. I found a snowflake pin, just a cheap one from WalMart, added one of my red square scarves and wore my plaid gloves. It's just a few simple things but I think it really does the trick in making this coat a little more feminine for this time of year.

It's an easy wearing coat and one I really like to wear when I know I'll be in the car. The coat is easy moving and the arms are not at all restrictive (unlike a few of my thick winter jackets). I'll keep wearing it with thick sweaters this winter and again on cool spring days spent outside.

So now I am off to create some cinnamon scented pinecones by warming the oven to 200 degrees and cooking the pinecones for a few minutes (kills any bugs and opens the cones up more). Then I will coat in some cinnamon, bake again for a few minutes, and place in a large bowl at my front door to welcome guests this holiday season!

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