My Early Christmas Gift: Vintage Hudson's Bay Coat

the bay

I managed to get my hands on a true vintage Hudson's Bay coat and I haven't stopped smiling since I got it! 

the bay stripes

the bay

bay stripes

Vintage Hudson's Bay Coat

hudson's bay


If you've been following me on Instagram (which of course you are!) you know that I love the Hudson Bay stripes. I can't think of a winter where I didn't post some photo of my hat and mitts combo! 

I've wanted a Hudson's Bay jacket for, well, as long as I can remember. Problem is, these iconic coats are no longer made. Boo. Vintage is the only way to go, which I am totally ok with since I actually prefer to shop vintage for my outerwear. The thing is, I am not the only person who wants one of these coats making them very difficult to get your hands on. While it's something I have always wanted, I never really made it a priority because I knew just how hard it would be to find. 

So you're probably wondering how I managed to get one? Well, enter my husband, AMH. He's the world's best gift giver. Truly. And not just in getting me gifts (which he does a lot of). He always gifts something thoughtful to everyone in our family. Every time we prepare for a trip to see family in the UK, you can be sure to find him at the mall looking for the perfect thing to bring over. He's awesome like that. 

But, he has a flaw. Well, some might see it as a flaw, I see it as a great thing. You see, he can't keep a secret from me. I'm totally serious. It's a  long running joke that I will get multiple gifts for Christmas because as soon as AMH buys me something, he comes home and blurts it out! It drives the kids nuts (in a playful way) and they don't get it. I love it because A. I get presents all the way up to and including Christmas and B. Gifting gives him as much joy and I get in receiving the gifts and who am I to deny the man joy?

Long story short (or rambling as I tend to do) AMH saw this coat on the Instagram account of our favourite local vintage shop White Tiger Vintage. Instantly people were liking and commenting asking for the price and to hold the coat. He knew he had to act fast. So, without a word he left the house and went straight to the shop to see if it was still available, which it was. I had no idea where he went so I texted and asked, he said he was at the bank getting cash. Seemed legit so I never thought twice about it. When he got home I was sitting on our bed (reading Pinterest on my iPad as I always do). I barely even looked at him and he blurted out that he was out buying me a present and do I want it. 

I always try and help him hold off. I suggest he go get it wrapped and just leave it under the tree. I really do try to help him. But this was huge and I could see it on his face. I said fine give it to me and he showed me this Instagram post. I literally screamed! Next thing I know he's running back to his car to get it and I've been wearing it ever since. I actually wore it into work yesterday and made a grand entrance, my coworkers are all very aware of my love of the Hudson's Bay stripes. 

So now I have a coat to add to my long list of Bay stripe items (like this hat, these mitts, this blanket, this mug, the list goes on!) The coat is from the 1960's and needs a little dry cleaning. Not because of smell or stains, I just want to see if I can remove a little of the yellowing from the coat. But I won't be dropping it off anytime soon because I plan on wearing this all winter long. And it's warm. Yesterday was -14 C and I was more than comfortable. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make up some errands so I can wear my vintage Hudson's Bay coat! 

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