9 Dresses for Valentine's Day

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We are a little more than two weeks away from Valentine's Day and I decided to see what special dresses are available (and can be shipped) in time for the holiday.

RED: Flutter | Sleeves | Neckline
PINK: Bright | Blush | Floral
BLUE: Graphic | Bow | Pattern

Searching online and while shopping this weekend, it really made me think that picking a dress for Valentine's Day really depends on two things. Do you actually celebrate Valentine's and if you buy a dress can you wear it again?

In selecting the dresses above I wanted to pick dresses that would look appropriate for the day but also for other holidays like Easter, upcoming weddings or any other special occasion. Whenever I buy a new item of clothing it has to pass my one item, two ways test (I also created this column showing how I do just that!) and dresses are no exception. The price point on dresses varies widely with your better quality items hovering in the $100-300 price range. That can be a large chunk out of your monthly/yearly clothing budget so it's best to make sure you can wear that dress a few times! 

Which is why I didn't select anything too traditionally Valentine's. No hearts or lovey-dovey patterns. I tried to keep to prints that you could throw a cardigan or blazer on top of and still wear to work (well, except for that hot pink number. That really is just a fun party gown!) 

My plans for Valentine's Day this year are pretty spectacular. I'm headed to the Bahamas for the week and on the morning of Valentine's Day, AMH and I are going horseback riding along the beach. We don't have any big plans for the afternoon but we will get all dolled up for dinner at our resort. I just bought a lovely blue dress that I think I'll wear on the special day. Sometimes it's a little fun to break out of the tradition of wearing red on Valentine's, that's why I included a whole line of blue dresses! 

No matter what you decide to wear on February 14th, I hope you get to spend it with someone special. xx, R

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PS - Don't forget to enter my Valentine's Day BaubleBar earrings contest! I'll be drawing the winner on Friday and will get the earrings out in plenty of time to pick a dress to match! 


  1. Ooh...I like the blue one. I would wear that to work! Have you checked out Rachel Parcell's collection? Her dresses are so feminine and pretty!

  2. All of the pink dresses caught my attention! Great ideas and options for Valentines Day. :)

  3. omg, I love all your choices! The best is that you will be in the Bahamas!! How fun! Have an amazing trip!!