Winter 2018 Sales

January is that funny month where shops are knee deep in holiday clearance items and spring is just a little too far off to start changing over.
It makes things a little difficult for those of us who might have money burning a hole in our pockets and nothing to spend it on. Maybe it's gift card, a special holiday bonus or maybe you kept under budget over the holidays and now want to splurge on yourself.

That's the situation I found myself in a few days ago. I had a little extra cash and all I wanted to do was buy something fun! I spent some time online shopping, a trip to the Mink Mile in Toronto and then visited my favourite mall, Somerset Collection in Troy Michigan (it's just outside of Detroit and if you've never been, change that asap!) In those travels I found some really great deals! The only downside is that I don't have an unlimited budget, so I thought I would share my finds just incase you're feeling a little antsy too!

sale, reward style

1 $49 now $29.40  | 2 $50 now $34.99 (CAN) |  3 $19 now $11.40 
4 $42 now $24 |  5 $29 now $10 | 6 $329 now 119.99 
7 $195 now $136.50 8 $58 now $37.90 9 $98.95 now $54.90 10 $52.50 now 33.99 (CAN)

*All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise noted

This week the temperature rose and melted all the snow, only for it to return again yesterday. That brief moment of warmer weather gave me spring fever. The reality is we still have 3-4 months of cooler weather ahead of us so I made sure that all the clothing picks above felt spring-like and would still keep you warm. 

If you follow my Instagram account than you saw I bought this green coat from Talbots last weekend. My first thought when I saw the colour is that it works for fall, winter and spring which really made it a worthwhile investment (I paid slightly more than today's sale price). The jacket is warm but not something you'd want to wear if it's -30 outside (in that case I recommend you just don't go outside at all 😀) I find a thick sweater and scarf is just fine anywhere up to -10 C. Once the outside air starts getting warmer a thin shirt will be all you need, like this turtleneck in blue and white stripes

If you're headed out on a warm weather vacation, One Kings Lane is having a major sale on all their striped beach towels. I choose the tan colour above because it reminded me of sand on the beach, but you can also select stripes in orange, red, blue and green. I started bringing my own beach towel on resort getaways and I much prefer having my own.

A few weeks ago I stopped in at a Sears Canada store to see what they had during their liquidation sale. The store was really picked over, except for the sleepwear section. Lucky for me that was something I have been meaning to start buying myself! There comes a point in every women's life where you need to ditch your crappy sleepwear and start buying something fancy. I've been slowly working on that, replacing all my cartoon character flannel pants and crappy old t-shirts. I bought quite a few sets from the Jessica Simpson line, purely based on feel alone. I was drawn in by summery colours of pinks and blues, but it was the oh-so-soft fabric that made me buy them (I paid $14 a set during the clearance). Searching the web I wasn't able to find the exact ones I purchased but there are a few on clearance right now on this site

Last summer I bought an inexpensive pink crossbody bag from Old Navy. I just adore it but I know it won't last forever. This Rebecca Minkoff bag was on fashionistas and Influencers this past summer and now I'm thinking that with this great sale price, I just might need to add it to my collection. You can never have too many pink bags! 

Lately I've been looking at adding high heeled booties to my wardrobe and I'm kind of loving these lace patterned boots. I found myself in a 'shoe situation' last week. I was headed out to a nice restaurant and with all the snow, heels and flats were not going to do. All I had was some L.L.Bean Boots and Hunter Rain boots! I had left myself with no 'fancy' boots. I ended up wearing a pair of brown riding boots but it kind of ruined the outfit. Now that boots of all styles are on sale, I am hoping to snag a pair or two so I won't find myself in that situation again! 

This trendy ruffle sleeve sweater and camel coloured jacket just scream "I want spring but I'm still cold!" I'd love to add in this bow necklace which is such a classic design, you could wear it When you do decide to take off your necklace, you can keep it in this gold braided dish. It's a beauty I found when looking online for something to hold my ever growing collection of statement earrings. I love this traditional looking style because, well, it will never go out of style.

Which is what I was really going with on each of these items. I try to stick to traditional and not trendy household items and clothing. It means I won't need to replace them as often which not only saves me money in the long run, it saves me time. Which I've found is the only thing that I really want, and can't seem to buy online.

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