5 Netflix Titles To Stream This Weekend

Oh yes, I am back with another installment of one of my all-time favorite posts to write, the 5 Netflix titles to stream this weekend. I've felt so inspired to write these lately because, well, it's terribly cold outside and I rather be curled up by the fire with my lovely tv and wifi.

There are so many great titles currently streaming on Netflix and they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Each month there are beloved favorites added to their service but what I have been loving lately are the titles that Netflix themselves have created! They have award winning series and even their own movies (check out the trailer for MUTE, I can't wait until this comes out at the end of the month!

This weekend turn off your cell phone, grab a blankie on your couch and settle in for a few great shows to stream this weekend!

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Stranger Things 2

You had to know I was going to include Stranger Things 2 in here (I think at this point we can go ahead and call it an obsession) I actually went back and forth on if I should write an entire post on just this show, which I totally could do! But, when I started this Netflix column I did so with the intent to give you advice on what to watch, and not include any spoilers. A full post about the second season of Stranger Things would be filled with spoilers, so here we are.

At the end of Season 1, everything was resolved...until that ominous ending. Season 2 picks up in the fall of 1984. Halloween is approaching, the four friends the series is set around, Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin are preparing to go trick or treating dressed as the Ghostbusters. Eleven is still missing, Hopper's hiding a secret, Hawkins Lab is now being run by Paul Reiser, we met two new Hawkins residents Max and Billy, and there is something even scarier than the Demogorgon lurking in the shadows. I've said too much already!

If you were a fan of the first series, you will love the second one. I woke up extra early to watch season 2 on release day and friends and coworkers asked me how it compared to the first season. I said they were equally amazing and that I couldn't choose which season was my favorite. Then I watched the entire series again, this time so my husband could watch. While I still love the second season, I have to say I think I like the first season better. I still loved season 2 but there was something pretty magical about the first season. And I found it to be a hell of a lot scarier than season 2. But...you will find season 2 scary as well. I don't recommend watching at night, unless you're like me and want to be a little scared.


Black Mirror

Season 4 of the series was released just before New Year's and instantly it was all anybody could talk about. If you're not familiar with the series, each episode is a stand alone story (you do not have to watch the previous three seasons) with the subject matter dealing with some downfall related to technology. Oh, and they are known for their genius twist endings.

I'll stick with season 4. It opens with a strong episode, probably the most talked about one, USS Callister. It has a retro Star Trek feel to it, of course with a brilliant twist. The episode is so strong on it's own, I recommend you just watch this one and leave it at that. The other five episodes sadly do not live up to the first. The only ones that come close are Hang the DJ, centred around a dating app that tells you from the onset of your relationship how long it will last, and the final episode Black Museum, which is more like 3 episodes in one. The other three episodes? I say skip them. The Jodie Foster directed episode about monitoring your children was boring, predictable and terribly acted and the other two just were not interesting enough to even write about.



I started watching this series because it popped up in my "recommend for you" file. I'm not sure what it says about me that Netflix knew I would like a 70's set story about how the FBI started their criminal profiling and serial killer investigations, but as always, Netflix was right. (I should probably tell you I have watched more Law & Order episodes than any one human being)

The story is simple enough. Two FBI agents interview killers with multiple victims (they come up with the term 'serial killer' in the show) and with the help of a psychology professor they work on understanding the nature of these criminals. The characters are all based on real life people and the interview dialogue in the show is taken straight from the original transcripts of interviews. I mentioned to three different people that I had just started the first episode and I was given this advice, which I will give to you. It's a little slow in the first few episodes, but don't give up. Boy, were they right. It is a little slow but by episode 4 I was hooked. Each episode is a different case, with past cases and characters re-appearing throughout. It's one of those shows that you really need to pay attention to. Detail oriented people will especially love this show.

My teenage son started watching with me around episode 5 and he loved the series. He didn't have any trouble picking up and in fact he guessed how a key moment in the end of the series would go. It was alarming and I slept with one eye open that night 😆  But seriously, if you like crime drama, you will love this. The acting is really strong, especially lead actor Jonathan Groff and the 70's sets, clothes and cars are amazing. Pretty sure I even saw our 1970 Mercury Montego in there!


Comedians in Car Getting Coffee

This is just a quick and fun series to watch. Jerry Seinfeld, who we all know and love, picks up different comedians/actors in different cars, drives to a diner/cafe and they get coffee and talk. Each episode is around 15-16 minutes and is just, well, fun! There is no set agenda, no shows to promote. This is not your typical interview type show.

My mom is actually the one who recommended this, and as the old saying goes, mother knows best. It's been a fun little show to watch after work. You can watch three episodes while you're getting dinner ready and have a few laughs in the process. My favourite episodes are Sarah Jessica Parker's and Julia Louis Dreyfus. Start with those and then work your way through the others.



What a show. I will fully cop to being wrong about this one. I didn't want to watch, I didn't want to like it, and I was so wrong. It.Is.Brilliant.

I was being a pain. I saw that it had Alison Brie in it, who I refer to as the only person from Mad Men that I couldn't stand more than her husband Pete Campbell (ugh he makes my skin crawl) and it was women's wrestling so basically I thought this was some shitty attempt at getting teenage boys interested. Not my cup of tea. But AMH had heard some really glowing (see what I did there) reviews and I was willing to give it a try for him.

The show is about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W) which was the first women's professional wrestling TV show which aired from 1986-1990. I loved and lived through the 80's and I don't remember this at all! 

The show is a comedy-drama and it has plenty of the two. Marc Maron, legendary funny man, is the director of the GLOW wrestling matches and Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin play real life best friends, turned enemies (watch and you'll see why) who through a series of hilarious events, end up as opponents in the ring. The supporting characters all have great backstories and hilarious wrestling personas. It's a fun show that actually turned me from an Alison Brie hater, into an Alison Brie lover! Watch it now, season 2 will be coming shortly!

There you have it, your entire weekend is set for you. Buy some snacks and frozen pizzas tonight and spend Saturday and Sunday binging on some great Netflix titles.

Let me know what you've been loving on Netflix lately in the comments section below!