5 Favourite Buys - February

A new month, a new monthly series!
I had been trying to think of how to share with you my favorite buys of the month. I honestly wasn't sure if I should stick with just clothes or just beauty buys but I've decided to keep it real since I will be the first to admit that I don't generally buy 5 new clothing or beauty items each month!

I do run a household and I oftentimes find neat and interesting things. So while most items will fall into the traditional lifestyle categories, some months I'll include items that just might seem a little eclectic. Also in the spirit of keeping things real, I won't be including any gifted, c/o, or sponsored items in these monthly roundups. It only seems fair to share items that were purchased myself. So without further ado, here are my 5 favourite buys of February!

1. The Ordinary Buffet -  This serum came highly recommended by a long time Instagram friend. I was complaining about some new acne spots that have been popping up and a general lack of luster in my skin. I even went so far as to meet with a dermatologist about getting some pretty serious peels and even they recommended that I look at some of The Ordinary's products. I ended up buying a few items (well, I bought what wasn't already all sold out!) but Buffet is the one I'd like to recommend the most. This water based peptide serum targets surface hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, dynamic lines and textural irregularities.

Part of my acne problem may be due to using too many thick anti-aging products that are clogging my pores. I was adding on too many items to cure my dry skin and I may have been doing more damage than good. In just a few days of using Buffet (morning and night right after cleansing and before any other steps) I have found that my skin isn't greasy at the end of the day, which is something I've been struggling with for the past few months. I'll keep everyone updated and plan on covering all the products I bought in a future post. If you're not familiar with The Ordinary, they are the hot new skincare brand everyone is talking about. "The Ordinary exists to communicate with integrity and bring to market effective, more familiar technologies at honourable prices." Basically, clinical formulations with minimalist packing and rock bottom prices. How rock bottom? The 30ml bottle of Buffet I bought cost me $14 Canadian.

2. Kristin Ess Shampoo Conditioner Mask - I went all in on the Kristin Ess products as soon as it was announced they were available in Canada through Well.ca (my US friends can pick up the products at Target). Sure, I was pulled in by the hype but what I found is a shampoo, conditioner and weekly mask worthy of that hype. And more! I used the same shampoo and conditioner for six years. Can you believe that! Every once in a while I would try another brand and be terribly disappointed and run back to my old standby, which was growing increasingly more expensive and harder to find (this is what I used for what feels like forever and a day).

Right from the first wash, I knew I had found my new hair care products. Clean scalp, soft and conditioned hair and that coveted bounce and shine I had been lacking. My hair looks and feel great one day one, and on day two! No greasy roots that need to be doused with dry shampoo (I always skip a day). Here's another product that delivers exactly what it promises at a great price point. The shampoo is $9, the conditioner $10 and the mask is $14. A little will of the product will do so you won't need to worry about replacing too often. If you're skeptical, I know I was, try out this sample pack of shampoo and conditioner for $9. I'm sure you'll notice a difference right from the first wash.

3. Pink Loafers - Just before leaving for the Bahamas I was in the search of cute flats to wear. At the end of last summer I started discarding my worn out cheap flats and wanted to start replacing them with better quality items. These Lucky Brand loafers caught my eye because of the colour and the suede material. I tried them on and fell in love with how they looked with the jeans I was wearing (that I later had to tuck back into my winter boots), I also thought they would look great with above the knee and midi length skirts. So I bought them, wore them around the house a few times to break them in, packed them for the Bahamas and before I got to wear them in the sunshine, I got sick on vacation. Boo. I had so many cute dresses planned and I ended up wearing my yoga pants and sweater instead.

All was not lost because the sun followed us home and the snow melted and we just had the most lovely week of February in recent memory. I happily wore those blush suede loafers everywhere. Work, dentist office, post office, grocery shopping, movies, seriously I wore them everywhere! I can't wait to wear them with dressy shorts and even ripped jean shorts in a few months! They were a little more expensive than my last two favorite buys. You can find them online for around $120 or check your local Winners where I found my pair for $79.

4. Laser Hair removal - Ah, the first of the random picks! This is something I had been thinking about for a while. You see, as you get older some ladies start to sprout little tiny hairs in random places on their face. Mine happened to be right on my chin and they annoyed the hell out of me. So I did something about it in February, I had my upper lip and chin lasered (I went to The DeLorenzi Clinic in Kitchener and I HIGHLY recommend them). The procedure lasted only minutes. To prepare all you do is shave your areas the night before, and once you're home do not place anything hot on your skin for 24 hours. Even when I washed my face I use cool water for the first two days. I never had any redness, which is shocking since I have notoriously sensitive skin, and no side effects to speak off.

I have to go back in 2 months to have another little zap and from then on out, we just wait and see if any more hairs sprout up. They did say it can take a few times before the hair is completely gone. It went so well that I am seriously considering lasering everything else! Legs, arms, armpits, unmentionable places, take it all I say! My hair is dark and grows fast so the thought of not having to shave my legs every morning is like a dream. If you have been thinking of removing unwanted hair my advice is to Goole local clinics and read reviews about them. Find somewhere that sounds good, then go in for a consult. There you will get a feel for the clinic and learn about pricing (every place is different). If it all sounds good, go for it! I'm so happy I did this and my only regret is I didn't do it 10 years ago.

5. Raw hem jeans - I once had a pair of raw hem jeans and I loved them so. They ended up scrapped due to an unfixable hole and I was unable to find a replacement for a long time (probably only two years but I'm an exaggerator so whatever). Last summer, raw hem was having a moment. It was on skinny jeans, boyfriend jean shorts in every colour and even on dresses, as seen on Martha Stewart when I met her. Oh, it's been a while since I mentioned that I met Martha last year. Yes, I met Martha and yes it was awesome and yes, you can read all about it here.

Anyways, I was in need of some new jeans and The Gap was having one of their buy one get one 50% sales and that included a lovely pair of skinny raw hem jeans! We had almost an entire week of beautiful weather where I was able to wear these jeans with my pink loafers and they looked fab together. Now, we are back to snow and my poor jeans are tucked into a pair of boots, but spring is only a few weeks away!

Now, tell me what items you bought in February that knocked your socks off (hey, was it actually socks that you loved?)

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