Gucci Bloom Review

perfume, gucci

Don't you just love a good beauty review? I know I sure do! I love reading all about new skin care and makeup but what about perfume? 
It's not something that you can review in the traditional way. Sure, I can tell you the packaging is cute but would anyone really want to see a step by step instructional on how to apply? Step 1, take off lid. Step 2, spray. Done. I don't think so. We're going to have to go a little non traditional with this Gucci Bloom review!

I have been obsessed with perfume since before I hit double digits. Even as a tomboy playing baseball wearing my dad's old flannel shirts, I smelled great. It always seemed like such a ladylike thing to apply perfume and it was my start into breaking out of my Tomboy phase. I started with celebrity fragrances, my first ever perfume was Bob Mackie's Cher and Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds. In my teens I wore the 90's classics CK One and Tommy Girl (I still love those scents!) and later I started exploring luxury fragrances. 

During my trip to the Bahamas I ventured into downtown Nassau. This is where you want to be as all shopping here is duty-free. And since Nassau is a major port for cruise ships, there is a lot of shopping! I spent some time in high end boutiques and department stores but nothing caught my eye until I stopped at John Bull (similar to a really great Sak's or Neimans) where I was drawn in by the perfume counter. Duty-free pricing on perfume? Count me in! After testing out Gucci Bloom at the Gucci store in Chicago last November, I knew this would be the next one to add to my collection. 

I'm not embarrassed to tell you that I have 10 different bottles of perfume in my daily rotation. I love to switch things up based on how I feel that morning and I find that helps prevent me from going nose blind to my scent. What's nose blind? It's exactly as it sounds. You get so used to a certain smell, you can no longer distinguish it. Changing up my scents, one day it's Chanel No. 5, the next it's Elizabeth and James Nirvana White, means I will always be able to enjoy the scent while I'm wearing it. Which is what it's all about people! Sure, it's nice if a random stranger enjoys your scent but I'm the one that wants to enjoy it! That's why I'm wearing it! 

I'm my years of wearing perfume I have discovered you can break it down into a few categories. There's light and floral, sweet like candy, rich and warm and fresh and pretty. 

Funny story. I got the best advice from my personal trainer friend about scent. She told me that when your really working on sticking to a diet, take away any candy scented perfume or candles. The smell will drive you crazy and make you crave the sugar you are trying to keep away. She's absolutely right! I remember last year trying to curb my daily sugar habit and I just found it so terribly difficult. Then I realized that the candle I had been burning for a week or two was an Easter one called "Jelly Beans". While it made my house smell great, it certainly wasn't helping my waist line. 

So where does Gucci Bloom fall on my super scientific scale? It's in the rich and warm category, with a helpful hand from floral. In this perfume Jasmine and Tuberose flowers are met with warm spicy accents. Tuberose is a white flower with a powerfully elegant scent. It's a popular main note in fragrances sought out by bride's and those looking for an unforgettable scent. 

If you find yourself drawn to warm florals (think AERIN Ikat Jasmine or Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian, her very first fragrance) then Gucci Bloom would be a good investment for you. I see myself wearing this daily during fall and winter, and nights out in spring in summer. 

As for lasting power, I have found I can go an entire day and still smell great (that's more than 8 hours of scent!). I apply 1 or 2 quick spritzes on my neck after showering and I'm good to go. Since I spend most of my days on a computer, I don't bother spraying my wrists as it would just end up rubbing off on my desk. For evenings, I will spray my wrists. I once heard you should spray perfume where you want to be kissed. The advert showed spraying on the neck closer to your ears and your wrists. I always thought that was kind of a cute way to remember where to apply (wish I could remember the brand). I also just recently saw a fave influencer spray her perfume just above her hair before a night out. I had never thought of that before but what a great way to ensure everyone remembers your scent that night!

Warm, elegant, adventurous, nostalgic. These are the words I would use to describe Gucci Bloom, an unforgettable fragrance!