Winter to Spring Vests, The Unsung Heroes of Cool Weather Dressing

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Ah, vests. The unsung hero of dressing in this awkward and sometimes weird in between season.
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A few weeks ago we had beautiful sunshine. The snow melted, birds were chirping and my tulips started sprouting. Heading out of the house was so easy, just grab a vest and go. No need for a winter coat. Then, well, if you live in the northeast of the US, Canada, and even many parts of the UK, we were hit with another blast of snow.

The cold front that came in has chilled me to my bones, more so than any point through the entire winter! I'm still grabbing my vest, but I'm also layering a big warm winter coat on top to try and keep warm. The forecast for the remainder of this week and next looks promising so I am cautiously optimistic that we will be back into warmer weather really soon.

But that warmer weather is still not warm enough for short and t-shirts just yet. That's where our winter to spring vests come in. When the temps get a little above freezing, all you need is a sweater and a vest and you're all set. As it gradually gets warmer we move to maybe a jean jacket or spring coat with a vest on top then just a vest over a long sleeve shirt and before you know it we're finally into summer!

To get there though, you're going to need a vest or two to bridge that gap. Luckily there are some super cute spring vests on the market and many winter vests that are on sale! The bonus is that you can use it throughout the year. Summer nights with a chill, grab a vest. Fall nip in the air, wear a vest! It's a versatile little item!

When searching online for a vest, make sure you are looking at ones that have a little padding to keep you warm. Words you'll want to watch out for are "quilted", "puffer", "frost-free", "insulated" or one that has the temperature ratings listed. There are many thin vests on the market, they are used more as part of an outfit, you want something that is designed to be outerwear.

In the photo above I have gone two ways, super spring-y for right now and a few that are seasonless. The pinks, florals and gingham are just such cute offerings, how could I not include them! They will look so cute over white long sleeve shirts when the flowers all start blooming.

The others are what I would call the classics. Black, white, British green and classic navy. Each one will match with any item you have in your wardrobe already. They are probably the ones you would get the most use out of.

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