Colourful Winter Coats (Now's The Time To Buy!)


You might be wondering why I would be posting about colourful winter coats in April. Well, it appears that winter really isn't done with us just yet and right now happens to be a great time to invest in a new coat to use this month and then again later in the year. You can snag that really great coat you've had your eye on for a fraction of the original price!

green, jacket

That's how I got my green wool coat from Talbots (which BTW I get compliments on every single time I wear it!) I was mesmerized when I saw this coat released last fall, but since I have a few great coats I couldn't justify the $380 price tag. I looked at it on their website and stalked it on social media. I was equal parts happy and jealous for those that bought it and were posting it! It is just this perfect shade of green that looks fantastic on every skin tone. I waited and waited some more and finally a few weeks ago it went on sale.

I was visiting Troy, MI and stopped by Talbots to try it on. It fit like a glove but even at half off, I still found myself struggling to justify another coat. Turns out I visited on a special in store sale day and I got half off the sale price bringing this coat down to just under 100. Sold. There are only a few sizes left online but I think the best way to find this coat would be to visit your local store and make a beeline for the clearance section.

winter jacket, red

In fact, if you're looking to add a colourful winter coat to your closet, I would check in store clearance before trying to buy online. Many stores will have one-offs sitting around and they will heavily discount them to try and clear out space for spring items. Some of the one-off items will be web orders. Say you order something and it wasn't as expected so you return to the store. They don't ship back to the warehouse, they offer a discount and try to sell it as fast as possible. 
If web shopping is your preferred method, there are some amazing deals to be had at The Bay. I purchased my red Calvin Klein coat (above) from The Bay on Black Friday. A down filled coat is always an investment so right now is a great time to buy and since so many people stick to plain boring black while buying new outerwear, you have a good chance of finding something with a little colour in it! My whole family has even embraced my love of colourful coats because they say they can always spot me quickly when we get separated in a crowd!

vintage clothing, bay stripes

Another way to go about finding a cute and colourful winter coat for a deal is to visit your friendly neighbourhood vintage clothing store. Both jackets above were vintage finds from my favourite local shop. I'm not able to visit everyday or even every week but I do follow them on Instagram. They will post new and exciting items, which is how I got my Hudson's Bay stripe coat. My blue/green plaid is also from the same shop but I didn't see it on their social media. I was in store picking up another item I saw on their Instagram and spotted this in their sale rack. I've had it for a few years now and it's just great! Vintage shops will also be trying to clear out stock to bring in new 60's and 70's summer dresses (my fave) band shirts and denim cut offs from the 80's and overalls from the 90's.

As with any vintage find, I take great care in finding out the best way to wash. Some items I hand wash (here's my post on how to do that) and other times, I just drop off at the dry cleaners and leave it to the professionals. On my way home from work I noticed my dry cleaner has a sale on cleaning coats so you can really get yourself a good deal this time of year! And since it snowed all weekend, and looks like we may still see some of the white stuff for a few more weeks, you can get a good amount of use of our your new colourful winter coat before putting it away to wait for next winter.

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