Warmer Weather

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I feel like this weekend was the gear up to the warmer weather we have on the way. We might have woken up to a little snow on Sunday but that quickly melted as the temperature rose, and rose, and rose some more!




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Watch | Lipstick | Scarf, vintage

The warmer weather means the vintage 1970 Mercury Montego is out and on the road and he (I know most cars are given the 'she' moniker but this car is a total dude car, so I call it a 'he') is running great! Saturday AMH and I spent the day running errands in Toronto and didn't get a chance to drive in our car. We more than made up for it on Sunday! After giving the car a new coat of wax we were off for a country drive where we ended up in Stratford, Ontario. Did you know this is the home of Justin Bieber and the new exhibit at the Stratford Perth Museum? It's big news right now and he showed up with his grandparents to visit on opening day!

Our visit to Stratford was purely out of distance. It's about 45 minutes away from my home by taking the highway. If you take the backroads and stop in a few little towns on the way, you really can make a day of driving around in your car. There was a stop at a little antique place, a quick visit with some family, ice cream cones at Dairy Queen and then dinner at Downie Street Burgers which was delicious. We've heard this is the place for burgers and it lived up to the hype.

As for my OOTD I have been living in these frayed hem jeans. If you had asked me a few years ago if I would wear frayed hem jeans you would have gotten some serious side eye from me. But I have to say, I've really soften on this look that was first popularized on festival going ladies a few years ago. My biggest take away from that is even if your style can be labeled, such as 'preppy', 'rocker chic' or 'athletic' you can still enjoy fashion from other genres and maybe even take some pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe and make it look all your own. Even though I fall heavily into the 'prep' category, I still enjoy seeing and learning from every other style out there.

Speaking of prep style, does it get any preppier than stripes, a square scarf and a vest in spring? Didn't think so. This is an outfit that I'd call my daily uniform. It's simple but looks pulled together. It's also super comfortable which believe it or not, is the number one most important thing for me with it comes to my clothes. If they don't fit just right, I won't wear them. My square scarf actual pulls double duty, it looks chic as a scarf and adds a little pop of colour and I can tie it in my hair to protect my hair from blowing around when we have the windows of our car open. The 1970's were not big on air conditioned cars.

My Gucci crossbody was an investment piece for me. I had wanted the perfect red colour crossbody for a while. I actually purchased a few bags from some mall brands but I ended up returning them as the red colour was either too washed out or too Christmasy. I finally bit the bullet and bought this one on my trip to Chicago last fall. I've used it almost everyday since and I'm so glad I went for it. I'll get the cost per wear down for sure just this year!