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What is super bright and colourful and feels incredibly comfortable while wearing them?

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Leland Gal leggings! 

I shot these photos yesterday after work while running errands with AMH in the steadily rising heat (there is a heat advisory for the next few days. Hydrate and be safe friends!) The air was cooler near the water of Victoria Park so between stopping at the grocery store, M&M Meats and the LCBO (stocking up for the holiday!) we hung out here for a while to test out the camera quality on AMH's new phone. He's left the iPhone for the Huawei Smartphone with the triple Leica camera! The thing is a beast! The photos have the same quality as my DSLR, without the bulk and need to change lenses. I'm so impressed that as soon as I'm due for an upgrade, I'm making the switch to a Huawei phone too (because frankly, I use my phone more as a camera than anything else!)

But you're not here to learn about cell phones, you want to know how I managed to find cute patterned leggings that double as pants. They're from Leland Gal, the company I introduced to you last week! I've partnered with them and for the next few weeks I'll be showing off a few of my favourite pieces from their summer collection. 

I own only two pairs of yoga pants. Wouldn't you know they're black, just like every other pair out there. I wear them to work out and that's it. They are thick which makes them too uncomfortable to wear anywhere else. I wanted better. I wanted something light, something that could double as pants when I needed them too and I wanted something with lots of colour so when the Leland Gal team reached out and introduced me to their new leggings, I was willing to take a chance on them. And I have been greatly rewarded! 

They have 17 different patterned leggings to choose from, each one more colourful then the last! I immediately gravitated to the Black Fancy Birch Key Leggings because I have a number of white tunics in my closet and thought they would look great together! A few years ago before a beach vacation I bought way too many tunics. I try to add clothing to my closet that can be worn multiple ways but this one somehow got away from me. I tried wearing them with white jeans for a monochromatic look (nope) I tried wearing with shorts (terrible idea) and I tried good ol' classic jeans (looked like a slob). 

Yesterday morning I got up and wouldn't you know the only dress shirt in my closet that was ironed (because I put off ironing as long as possible) was one of my old white tunics. I had planned on wearing plain old black dress pants and really not caring how I looked when Colton, my Bernese Mountain Dog, had to go outside right away. I didn't have time to put on my dress pants, so I reached for these leggings that I had sitting on the edge of my bed, waiting to be put away. 

After bringing Colton in from his morning constitutional, AMH asked me "What are you all dressed up for? Big meeting?" I was puzzled. I was just wearing an old white tunic I actually bought for the beach and a pair of brightly coloured leggings. I didn't ask questions, I just went for it! All day long I was fielding questions about my cute pants. The ladies at work couldn't believe they were leggings, they thought they were a cotton dress pant. 

And that's because the pattern and colour is just so crisp and that doesn't diminish in spots where other leggings do (butt, knees, upper thighs) I've never worn leggings out in public before for that reason, but I will now thanks to Leland Gal! I love the slick feeling of the fabric and was surprised that it kept me cool while out and about after work. I read on their website that in addition to their 4-way stretch, flat seams and high waist (which is my second favourite part of these leggings after their pattern) the leggings wick away sweat to keep you dry. You've heard me talk (complain) about not having A/C in our vintage car. The other problem is that the sun beats directly on your legs and if you wear shorts you end up burned no matter how much SPF you put on. These leggings provide coverage, are comfortable and wick away sweat. Problem solved! 

While I was singing their praises to AMH last night I mentioned how great these would be to wear to the Drive-In (we go a lot) on long road trips and even on just days hanging around the house. That's in addition to the fact that I can dress them up with a tunic for work! And in all these wears, they are comfy. Like seriously comfy. Like I kept rubbing and pulling at the fabric last night just because I couldn't believe a pair of leggings could feel this good. 

And if you're thinking that the pair I have here just aren't bright enough for you, Leland Gal has you covered. 


Pinks, greens, blues, water, sailboats, bicycles, you name it they have it! You're only problem now is choosing which colour you like the most!

Leland Gal is offering 15% off your purchase with the code 'celebratingthislife' until July 19th.

Thank you to Leland Gal for sponsoring this post. All opinions, as always, are my own.