Country Living Styled Back Deck

checkered top

Just over here living my best country within the city life on my back deck! Come take a peek!

Have two decks they said. It will be great they said. What they failed to mention is how expensive it would be to build (it was. It's a cedar, two level deck 250 sq.ft both levels with privacy railing and shutters on the top level) and how expensive and time consuming it would be to furnish. Two summers ago I focused on our top level and never even gave a second thought as to what was going on the bottom. This summer was our year to now get the bottom deck squared away. Let me tell you how we got the inspiration for this space.

I grew up in a small town (when I wasn't spending my weekends in Buffalo!)  There's nothing special there, but it's special to me. When I'm there I see the general store where a $1 dollar bill allowed me to leave with a small brown paper bag filled to the brim with penny candies. I see the ball diamond where I broke my nose while pitching (I took a line drive right to the face, ending my pitching career). There's the waterfall on the creek where my friends and I fished with our hands for sucker fish, only later to find out from my dad that we couldn't eat them.

There's the forest where we gathered wild raspberries and to this day when I taste a raspberry I'm instantly transported there. The library in town where I spent many a summer morning by myself learning about the big wide world outside my small town. The smell of burning wood in spring, candles roasting the inside of a jack-o-lantern on Halloween, the first snowfall, it all makes me think of home.

I've always said that I am a small town girl and I carry that with me wherever I go. It really is true. I've been a city dweller for a long time but I have those country sensibilities that you just can't shake. If something is broke, I'll fix it before replacing it. I reduce and reuse every little thing, long before recycling was cool and I always tell my boys that mama can solve any of the worlds problems with a few items out of my junk drawer. Like a country MacGyver.

So when it came time to start setting up our bottom deck you'd think I would have instantly gone to a country theme. Wrong. I had these visions of high class lounge chairs with country club style barware. So when AMH started collecting various license plates and nailing them to the roof I was soooo not on board. I wanted this to be my genteel upper crust sitting area!

There's this really terrible thing that happens when you get married that no one warns you about. Sometimes, you push aside your own wants because seeing your spouse happy matters more to you. That's when I finally gave up. Nothing makes that man happier than searching vintage shops, driven there in his 1970 Mercury Montego of course, and finding a new license plate to add to his collection. I just love the big guy so much, I can't stop him!

Another thing I almost put my foot down on was him buying a vintage, and very beat up, Coca Cola cooler. Good lord, I must have 5 coolers in my basement right now! We did not need another one and especially one that looks so rough. But it was only $40 and again, he seemed really jazzed about it. The world works in mysterious ways because I didn't want those license plates or cooler and they are exactly what inspired my styling of the back deck. And I am so head over heels in love with the result I am almost tempted to tell AMH he was right all along (but I won't 😁)

Ok, that's enough talking. Grab a Coke, sit a spell and let me take you on a little tour of my very country inspired deck.


country style


country style

country style

Country Living Styled Back Deck

coca cola

country style


country living style


hats for summer

the bay

Country Living Styled Back Deck

country style

decor for a country deck

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country living

coca cola cooler

Most of the items on the deck where found sitting in our basement storage area. It's great because I can finally put a lot of this stuff to good use but it also meant I didn't have to buy anything new! The only new additions to this deck are the rocking chair cushions and rug that I bought this year, the cooler AMH bought and the colourful croquet set that I had been watching for a full year! On our last visit to our local antique mall the croquet set had been reduced from $140 to $90 so I jumped on it right away! It's right at home with all the other colours of this country inspired deck and the family and I are are keen on taking up a new, low impact sport (I just found out I have tennis elbow so I won't be playing any high impact sports until I heal).

I kept the flowers all super casual. I bought purple and white hanging baskets for $10 a piece at a local garden centre and I picked an array of colourful flowers for the clay and silver pots. I added a few of our flags, here we have the Scottish, American and Ontario flags, for even more colour. I picked a few hosta leaves for a glass jar and put my ever growing mason jar collection to good use holding some road side daisies.

We also added a little lighting, which is not as noticeable here but I assure you at dusk they become the stars of the show! Little Edison style lightbulbs light up the license plates and frame the deck. At night this little area takes on the loveliest glow. It's where we spend most of our nights, just rocking away in our oversized ricking chairs, enjoying a coke or two.

Thanks for coming along on this little country living style back deck tour! I had a lot of fun putting this together and I have even more fun enjoying this space with my family. Now grab a coke, start saying "y'all" and go add a little country decor to your home!

Country Living Style Back Deck:
Coca Cola Cooler - Vintage find at Southworks Antique Mall in Cambridge
Mirror - Part of an old dresser we have
White and blue wreath bar towels - Kendra Bester Design
Straw Hat - Marshall's
Blue and white rug - Zehr's on sale or $29
Rocking chairs - Canadian Tire (old, around $80 a piece on sale)
Seat cushions - Marshall's two for $30
Various mason jars - thrifted over the years
Striped blanket - Found at Value Village
Wicker basket - Goodwill
USA tin - Cracker Barrel (old)
Bar - Target (old, from the Canadian store)
Croquet set - Vintage find at Southworks Antique Mall in Cambridge
License plates - Found at antique stores, online auctions, random yard sales, etc.