Introduction: Leland Gal

Leland, Michigan

This introduction is coming at just the right time because I can't think of a better brand to welcome the summer season. Meet Leland Gal! 
I started following Leland Gal on Instagram back in 2015. I tried to remember how I found this company way back when and as soon as I scrolled through their Instagram I realized that it's because they posted a few fun photos of a Bernese Mountain Dog! Since I have one and I'm hopelessly in love with the breed, I always find the accounts that are related. I found them through a dog, but I stayed all these years because every time a photo of theirs pops up I'm instantly transported to summer.  

leland, michigan

The online shop gave way to a brick and mortar location in Leland, Michigan, a small fishing village in historic Fishtown which clearly serves as a source of inspiration. Just take a look at some of the designs and you can see the influence - water, fish, sunshine, boating. It's all there! I myself grew up in a small lakeside town and always have a soft spot for things and places that remind me of my childhood. 

red checkered

I am also totally on board with their colourful approach to design. Maggie (more on her later) and team have dreamed up some of the most colourful accents for your home and clothing for you to wear around town and even to the beach! 

New this season is the roundy bags with optional rope handle so you can easily wear it during the day hands free and then as a handled bag at night. I've got my eye on that one for baseball games this summer! 


There are also ditty bags in the summeriest of prints that can be used as travel/cosmetic cases, pencil or watercolour cases, even an evening clutch. And as an extra bonus you can have them monogrammed! They would be great to hold a cell phone and a little ice cream money while you're...


at the beach on one of Leland Gal's beach sheets! There are three colours to choose from, coral, sea green and turquoise, and they even come in their own carry case. Perfect for leaving in the trunk of your car so it will be handy for the beach or impromptu picnics. 


So you've got the beach covered, what about your home? Well, Leland Gal has quite the assortment of items to deck your house out in fun, summery hues! There are indoor pillows, outdoor pillows, wallpaper and even art!  

yoga gear

Since my first love and passion is and always will be clothing and fashion, I naturally gravitated to the Style portion of the website. And I was highly rewarded! I have two pairs of yoga pants in your guessed it, plain black. That's just all there is out there in the world. Well not anymore! Leland Gal has the brightest prints on leggings that are perfect for any occasion, but especially that workout class where you will now stand out! I have a pair of these coming my way and I can't wait to show you which pattern I am getting. Which pattern would you choose? (see all of the leggings here

From my Instagram @Celebratingthislife

Now that the summer nights are upon us that means the sun sets much later in the day. Great on weekends, not so awesome when I have an early wake up time. Leland Gal was kind enough to send me one of their new sleep masks just in time for me to head out on a weekend adventure. That lead to one very late night and I knew that I had the time for a proper sleep in. If I didn't have this mask blocking out the rising sun I know I would have woken up and just been a zombie for the rest of the day. Luckily that didn't happen and while I got a late start the next day, I still managed to get more adventuring in!


There is a wide variety of prints to choose from so I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding a sleep mask to match your pjs.

So now that you know what Leland Gal offers, let's look at how they got their start. Founder Maggie Revel Mielczarek took an art education and became a teacher. During that time she taught herself graphic design and then launched Leland Gal to reflect her love of water. She paints and creates these incredibly vibrant patterns and has them made into, well, everything! It's a full fledged lifestyle brand with clothing, housewares, they even have dog beds!

If this wasn't enough she's also a mom to two young boys, just like me! My kids are teens now and watching the behind the scenes moments that Maggie shares on the Leland Gal instagram page with her young boys brings it all back. It's a feeling that I'm sure every working mom can relate to. Trying to keep work going while kids play underfoot. I also love seeing those candid moments behind the brand, it really shows you where the inspiration for a lot of their patterns and products come from.

This year Leland Gal is taking up the slogan of "Make light of it" it reads;

"We don’t need more places to escape to. What we need is a little more laughter, a little more light, right where we are. So let’s get started. Let’s make something with our hands. Let’s rethink a room. Let’s get out and enjoy the view. Preferably with friends. Because our lives are worth celebrating. No matter where we are."

I could not have said it better myself. I encourage each and every one of you to stop what you're doing. Think about the next few weeks and weekends. Summer is short and while I know we want to squeeze every moment possible out if it, I think we all need to take a step back and breathe. Take a few moments and think of the things you don't want to do this year. Is that back garden driving you nuts? Let it go to weed and make it your spring project for next year. Invite your friends over, have a drink and ask their opinions on flowers and shape.

Struggling with the high cost of summer travelling, including the unbelievable cost of gas right now? (I know I am!) Plan one or two weekend adventures instead of a week long escape and spend the rest of the time at home relaxing. Get your outdoor space all cleaned and have breakfast outside. Watch a ball game and take a nap on the couch. Eat hot dogs for dinner and watch the sunset from your front lawn.

For the next month I am partnering with Leland Gal as a brand ambassador. This means you'll be seeing a number of their products on this blog and on my Instagram for the next month. It also means that I've got a coupon code for you!!

You can shop any of the links to specific products above or by clicking on Leland Gal. Pick out the items you love, add to cart and when you check out use the code 'celebratingthislife' for 15% off your purchase! The savings code is live today until July 19th.

In the spirit of full transparency, the products I am receiving have been provided c/o and I may receive a commission on any purchases using the code above. All opinions, as always, are my own.