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purple dress

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Dress vintage Holt Renfrew, modified by me | Sneakers

Truthfully, it's just a few lilac trees lining the road but thanks to the trickery of camera angles it really looks like a full street of lilacs!

The lilac season is far too short. It feels like the one flower us Northerners have over the Southerners. They have beautiful blooming magnolias and camellias and greenery all year long but we have lilacs and they are pretty darn great! Only downside is after a month of sweet smelling air and the eye candy ranging from purest white to deepest purple, they are gone. 

It takes some skill to be able to time getting photos with these lovely flowers and truth be told I should have shot these photos a few days prior when they were in peak bloom (five days later and they are all spent) but life certainly has a way of disrupting your plans! In fact, this is my first post in a few weeks! I was talking (ok, moaning and complaining) to AMH that I didn't have any time to blog. He asked if it bothered me because I was so used to doing it (I've posted 4-5 times a week for almost four years!) or because I loved it. 

The answer - I really do love it! I may not be the world's best model (never my intention) or the skinniest (also not my intention) and my camera skills may be lacking but I love writing and I love coming up with new outfits! This is the only place I have in the world where I can write about what I want (no matter how random) and I get to use this blog as an excuse for over dressing for any occasion. The other thing I get out of it is I get to try out new things, which I have done here. Can you guess what it is?

If you've been with me a little while you might recognize this dress from this post in 2016 or this post from 2017. In those pictures this purple Holt Renfrew dress that I bought from my favourite local vintage store White Tiger Vintage had sleeves...not anymore! After wearing it as a full sleeve dress for two years (and enduring my husband constantly referring to it as my sister wife dress) I decided to remove the sleeves and to make a belt from the left over fabric! 

It wasn't a big job and it only required the most basic of my high school home ec skills. I used a stitch ripper to remove the threads holding the sleeves on. Once removed, I ironed down the edges and using my sewing machine stitched a tiny single line stitch along the edge. I measured how long I would like the belt to be and started cutting the fabric from the sleeves. I knew I wanted this to be a skinny little belt so I measured about an inch and a half across and cut them as long as the fabric would allow. I had to sew three pieces together to make one continuous piece of fabric. Then I folded in half with the good sides of the fabric facing and sewed together. Then I flipped it inside out, and stitched the edges closed. So easy! 

Now it has me looking at all different styles of vintage dresses and imagining the things I could do to make them a little more modern. Removing sleeves, shortening the skirt, removing or adding ruffles, tailoring so there's more of an hour glass figure. The possibilities are endless! What I love about vintage clothes, besides the thrill of the hunt, is the great fabrics you can find. Patterns and colours throughout the ages and all made to stand the test of time. I may have just stumbled onto an accidental business! The only problem is, any of the dresses I have already modified for the summer I have fallen deeply in love with and don't think I can part with them! The little straw purse I have here is a perfect example of that. I spotted it for a few dollars and thought to myself I could sell that for a little profit but I just love it too much now! I better get over this soon or I'll go broke! Ha!