My Fitbit Flex 2

fitbit flex 2 review

I've been keeping a little secret. Have you guessed what it is?

I got a Fitbit a few months ago and I have been wearing it in all of the pictures posted here on my blog! You didn't notice you say. Well, that's what I was hoping for with the Fitbit Flex 2!

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fitbit flex 2

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Yes, I am late to the whole fitness tracker trend. I'm going to be blunt here - I didn't want one because they are so U-G-L-Y!!!

My husband, AMH bought a Garmin fitness tracker two years ago and became obsessed with hitting his targets. He tried and tried to get me on board but his tracker is a thick black band with no removable part or way to change the band. And it's ugly. It also has a clock on it that lights up when you move. Meaning that if you wear it at night to track your sleep and roll over, it could wake you up.

A few friends at work tried to get me on board. They wore these giant watch faces with thick plastic bands. No dice. They even tried to show me that you can swap out the bands for other colours. The other colours were neon and even uglier than the plain black. I just couldn't do it. Frankly, it would ruin my outfit.

Over the winter I decided to get back into a fitness routine that started with walking on my treadmill and making sure that I was getting enough sleep. I used the built in step tracker on my iPhone but found it's only accurate if you have it in your hand 24/7 which I found cumbersome. It also didn't have a way to track my sleep and I was really looking for that feature. Which of course meant that I'd have to start looking at getting myself one of these ugly trackers. Ugh.

I started my search online with Fitbit only because they're the first name that popped into my head (I'm soooo not interested in getting an Apple watch). I scrolled through the list of products and this thin band with no watch face caught my eye. A narrow band that looks more like a bracelet, with no clock because I don't need one and no giant face to light up at night and disturb my sleep? I'm in!

A few days later I bought the purple Fitbit Flex 2 at Walmart. I charged it, put it on and away I went. It's been a few months and I'm still wearing it 24/7. I love the sleek design and the fact that the little tracking component, a small black rectangle, can be removed and placed in other items such as a necklace.


What I also loved about this band is that it's cheap. I paid $79.95 Canadian (it's $58 USD at Walmart right now). Since I was hesitant to buy a tracker to begin with, and even after I made the decision to buy one still wasn't sure if I would like it, I really didn't want to invest too much money in it. 

I mentioned that I liked that there was no large clock face, the fact that its narrow and not in your face and that you can change the tracker to a necklace, or even a nice gold bangle. I also really liked that it's waterproof and that you can get notifications from your phone on your tracker. It beeps when you get a text message and buzzes when you get a phone call. 

I don't have my phone on me at all times, lately it's been plugged in a lot because the battery isn't lasting more than a few hours, so having the tracker buzz on my arm means I'm not missing any phone calls. That really saved me last weekend when I was really in the zone gardening and forgot to pick my son up after his shift at his part time job! Oops! He phoned me 5 minutes passed the hour to see where I was. Since my phone was inside charging and not on me I would have missed his call if I didn't have my tracker to alert me!

It also gives you a little buzz every hour if you don't hit your step target. I, like so many of you, work an office job which means sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. These little pushes have reminded me to get up every so often to take a little break and stretch my legs. On the face of the tracker it has 5 little dots that light up along with the notification buzzes. You can double tap the lights and they will light up to show you how far you've walked today. I love this as I don't need to sync the tracker to my phone to see exactly the number. It breaks it down into quarters of your target, mine is set at 10,000 daily. And when you hit your target it lights up and beeps and boops and totally celebrates you! If you happen to be watching the Fitbit app on your phone you will see fireworks and all kinds of loveliness! 

Speaking of the app, it's well laid out and easy to understand. After downloading the Fitbit app and syncing your tracker (which was incredibly easy to do, you just follow the prompts) you can start to see the metrics it will track for you. Here's a look at one of my dashboards from a few days ago

fitness tracker

I can see my step count, how many kilometres I have walked, how many calories I burned, how long I was active for (in minutes), how many days this week I was active, and last night's sleep. I can also see where the battery life is at on the top left corner. I like to charge my Fitbit when I'm sitting and reading or watching tv so that I don't miss out on counting any steps.

The sleep counter was something I was really looking forward to. I just wasn't getting a good night's sleep for a while and knew I had to make it a priority. I started by setting my bedtime and morning alarm on my iPhone. I get an alert at 9:30 telling me to go to bed by 10 and at 7 am my alarm goes off. The Fitbit tracks if I went to bed on time and woke up at the right time, having a consistent schedule is key in getting the best sleep at night. Your body craves regularity and will reward you with better nights and even better days if you go to sleep and wake at the same time.

Another thing I like seeing on the sleep portion of the report (you can click on the moon and it will take you into your full report) is it shows you when you are restless throughout the night. This is helpful to know incase there is some external factor that is waking you up and you can deal with it. I was waking up at the same time every night, turns out it's when our water softener does it's clean cycle at 2am. I can hear the noise coming up through the vent! Now that I know what was making me restless, I can correct it.

The first question I get asked when I talk about tracking my sleep is the comfort level on wearing the device at night. I don't even notice it. Ok, well twice I noticed it because for some reason my teenagers thought it would be funny to text me at 1am and the buzz on my arm woke me up! But most people have better sense than my nitwit teenagers to not call or text in the middle of the night. Other than that the band is so light that I don't notice it and the band is adjustable so I can set it to my comfort. When I bought the Fitbit Flex 2 it came with one large and one small purple band. I have really small wrists so the small band works well for me. I would think that most women would wear the small and grown men would fit the large best.

Speaking of wrists, you can set which wrist you wear your tracker on in the app. It automatically defaults to your left wrist but I am one the few people that wears my watch, bracelets and Fitbit on my right hand. I realized I could switch it after the first few days of wearing it and I think it made my tracking much more accurate now that it knows which hand I am wearing it on.

Now that I've gotten on a good sleep schedule, I feel more energized throughout the day. And while I don't get my 10,000 every single day, I do try to make it happen. The last few days have been extra busy at work, which leaves me exhausted at night. I still manage to go for a half hour walk at lunch time and adding that to all the running around I usually do and I am up there in the high 9000's.

Deciding to get your health and fitness to a good place is the hardest step. The second hardest is actually getting into a routine and my Fitbit Flex 2 helped me immensely with that. Now, I actually want to go walking everyday! I start to feel antsy if I don't get a good long walk in everyday and my Fitbit Flex 2 is only too happy to remind me to get moving!

Tell me, do you have a fitness tracker? How do you feel about it? Are you still on the fence about getting one? What's your hesitation? Let me know in the comments below!