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For starters, this isn't any ordinary white oxford. This is the Brooks Brothers Classic Fit Supima® Cotton Oxford Button Down. The shirt is made in their Garland, North Carolina factory (I love supporting made in USA products!) out of the softest cotton grown in the Southwest and has incredible detailing such as mother of pearl buttons and a structured collar perfect for popping in the summer. 

My lovely friend Robin who blogs at The Dress Decoded nominated me to receive an oxford from Brooks Brothers to celebrate their #OwnYourOxford campaign. I'll be owning my oxford by wearing it on the weekends tucked into patterned shorts and long summery shirts and with black dress pants and a coloured blazer for work. When fall finally rolls around (aka my favourite time of the year!) I'll wear this under plain shift dresses to transition them to the cooler weather and with jeans and brown loafers for a classic fall look. 

I took a vacation day from work last Friday and AMH and I headed to our annual stay at the Niagara Crossing Hotel and Spa in Lewiston. This is the third year running that we have skipped out on all of our responsibilities at home (thank goodness for teenagers who can take care of themselves, the house and the dog!) and spent a weekend at this lovely hotel. The town is so charming too, as you can tell from these pictures (can you believe this is the real estate office in town!) and with ArtPark nearby, we were able to take in a show. We saw Jack White on Friday night and it was a total blast! I love that it's far enough from home to feel like a vacation, but not too far that you're spending all weekend driving. I packed a quick overnight bag and with coffee in hand, we set out for Lewiston early Friday morning. 

The first question on anyones mind when purchasing an oxford is ironing. As in how much time do I have to spend ironing this shirt. No one likes to iron and I'm probably on the list of people who dislike it the most. I work full time, run this blog, and take care of my family. I simply do not have time to iron! Luckily I've found this oxford requires only the slightest ironing job to keep it super crisp (I prefer my oxfords crisp so I give this shirt a quick zip after I've hung it to dry) but I will say that I was running late for work last week and I grabbed this shirt off my drying rack and I was out the door. In fact, in the pictures here I only gave the shirt the quickest iron then folded it and packed in my overnight bag. I wore it on Saturday on our way to see the Niagara Falls Air Show and all I did was pull it out of my bag and put it on. Not a wrinkle in sight. 

There is a fantastic semi-annual sale on until June 23 both online and in stores. This oxford normally sells for $140 and right now it's on sale for $105! There are 7 different colours and 2 different collar options meaning you can find the perfect oxford to match your existing wardrobe. I opted for white because I have so many colourful shorts and skirts, I thought that white would really pop against them. Also everyone needs at least one classic white oxford in their wardrobe. You can wear it with just about anything! The classic blue stripe is another one that will match almost anything in your wardrobe and you can see how my friend Robin styled her oxford

Special thanks for Brooks Brothers for gifting me this fabulous shirt and to Robin for nominating me!