The Scent of Lavender in the Ayr

white dress

Don't you just love the smell of lavender? 

Late Summer with L.L.Bean and Introducing Ivy

l.l.bean late summer sweater

Two very exciting things happened last week. I got a puppy and the Late Summer L.L.Bean catalog arrived!

Visiting Disney World as a Childless Millennial

celebrating this life

This isn't a Disney World blog post to tell you what to see and do. This is a Disney World blog post telling you that yes, you, the childless millennial can, no should, go to Disney World because the most magical place on Earth is magical for anyone and everyone! Even those without children!

Cool Girl Style

meghan markle style

What's cool girl style to you?

My Summer Make Up

celebrating this life

I resisted writing this blog post. For a good two weeks all my favourite bloggers were writing about their favourite summer make up and I wasn't sure I would have a unique perspective to share.

Hand Painted Home Bakery Wooden Sign

home craft project

Put your orders in, the Henderson Bakery is open for business!