My Summer Make Up

celebrating this life

I resisted writing this blog post. For a good two weeks all my favourite bloggers were writing about their favourite summer make up and I wasn't sure I would have a unique perspective to share.

If you're a long time reader here on Celebrating This Life you will have noticed that I have cut back on my posts. I'm trying to be more mindful of what I am putting out there on my corner of the internet. There is so much "sameness" and I think that steams from content and consumption overload. So many likeminded creatives and bloggers out there, it's only inevitable that everyone shares the same ideas!

So there I was, happily living my best summer life and playing around with some beauty products when I decided to see what the top and best bloggers were recommending. All great recommendations and products but totally different from what I have been doing. As a reader, I was discouraged because I didn't see anything that reflected me. Turns out I do have a different perspective to share, so here we are!

I'll keep this as short as possible (not really my strongest skill 😁)

My summer make up philosophy is I want to look my best. I don't want to hide my features or change them altogether. I want to look like me. No contouring (not that I ever did that in the first place) no heavy cover up, no hiding flaws. Just me. No I didn't get a new outlook on life. It's summer and I just want to enjoy myself! It's been so hot lately that any heavy make up would have come melting off anyway. I've gotten a little sun and have a nice glow that I don't want to hide. 

Make up does not come naturally to me. I didn't wear it as a youngster or as a teenager. I didn't actually start wearing any make up until my 30's! Make up is intimidating. There are so many products out there and so many master make up artists it's easy to get discouraged. I know I was more than a little intimated the first few times I went into Sephora (all that loud music and staff wearing pounds of make up). 

I had to push through all of that (basically it was just feelings of insecurity because I really didn't know what I was doing) and I forced myself to visit a few shops and asked for advice. While staff at beauty counters pushed thick cover up and bronzer, I held firm in my philosophy of wanting to be a fresh version of me. I am probably the most boring customer in the world to wait on but I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way! I ran into a few fellow non-trendy make up buying ladies (don't have a better word for it) on my last in store visit. That's when I realized that this blog post needed written. I overheard more than a few women pushing back saying they didn't need the new trendy lip colour or false eyelashes. 

There are a million different blogs and You Tube channels to show you how to use make up to look more like *insert latest celeb here* but not many that cater to the non-contour set. And on a personal note, I get told time and time again that my husband prefers me with little to no make up on. I thought that was just something husbands had to say but I ran a very informal poll with my male coworkers and they all said the same about the women in their lives! Guys do not get why we are painting and shaping our faces with all this goop! 

Alright, enough of the background. Let's get to the make up products I am loving this summer! 

nars orgasm

The best advice I can give is that a fresh look starts with well cared for skin. Once a week (or every two weeks if my skin is feeling dry) I use the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I wash my face, apply the mask and sit and read Pinterest for 15 minutes while it dries. After removing with a face towel, I apply a good night time moisturizer (I am loving this gel one right now) 

When I am headed out for work, I put on my Olay Daily SPF 15 moisturizer, add a little dab of this incredibly cheap primer (The Ordinary Silicone Primer for $4.90 Canadian!)to give my skin a good base for my next item. I add a little dab of Nars Orgasm blush to the apples of my cheeks while swiping up along my cheekbone, then I finish with one coat of Dior Iconic Overcurl in black

Every summer I switch to this Nars blush because it is just the perfect hint of colour with a touch of bronzer. It looks great on every single skin tone and enhances sun kissed skin. This is my 7th year now (I buy a new one every two years). To apply I use a kabuki brush. I use this Dior one that is pretty pricy but I highly recommend (this one is only $6 and has great reviews!)

I first bought Dior Iconic Overcurl 10 years ago. While walking through The Bay a Dior counter representative approach me and AMH and asked if I was interested in getting a facial and looking at some products. I was still very intimidated by make up and was not wearing any at this point. AMH who in addition to being my husband is my wise spirit guide, took it upon himself to tell this Dior rep that yes I would be interested in a facial and some product as long as she booked a meeting with me in a private space so I could learn from her. She immediately obliged and I returned the following week and had what I still refer to as the greatest facial I've ever had (probably because it was my first!) That single meeting started me on the road to learning about make up and skin care. 

Over the years I've dabbled and tried a few different mascaras. Last winter I gave it all up and have decided that I'm sticking with the Dior Iconic Overcurl and will not be trying anything else. Ever again. It's just the best mascara on the market. Period. It makes your lashes look fabulous, doesn't flake all over your face (like a certain YSL mascara did!) and is easy to remove so you're not left with angry raccoon eyes at the end of the day. 

I use an eyelash curler and while I'd love to upgrade to this one soon, for now I'm using this very effective cheap drugstore one

So those are the products I use when I'm off to work or know I'll be in a situation where I may end up taking photos either for fun or for the blog. What about the other days... 

second skin beauty product

Moisturizer and this, the Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother (it's sold out at Sephora and Nordstrom but available for Canadians at The Bay and Americans at Saks). I received this as a sample in an Influenster kit (it's a company that sends you products to review. You do not need to be a blogger to sign up for this, just some social media presence)

This stuff is amazing. I use just a little product on my finger tips and I dab all over my face, smoothing it out. It removes any oil or slickness on your face giving your skin a wonderful, flawless look. All while still looking like you, only better! Sometimes I'll add a little of the Nars blush just for a dab of colour, but most days this is all I have on. 

duchess of sussex make up

My lips are incredibly dry all year long but summer is the worst. I love matte lipsticks (I always apply a light swipe of Blistex first) but they can be incredibly drying. I've been experimenting with combining my favourite mattes with some hydrating glosses to make incredible new shades (remember this lovely shade I wore?) which has worked out for when I want a dramatic look. But what to wear on the other days? 

Well, I had read that the newest member of the royal family, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, swears by the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer. She previously spoke about wearing this daily and while filming Suits in Toronto so it's not too far-fetched to think this was what she wore on her wedding day. 

I keep this in my purse and apply all day long. It gives just the slightest hint of colour and replenishes my lips. Be forewarned about high winds, lip gloss and long hair though! The struggle is real! Ha!

There you have it, my summer make up products and philosophy. My selfie above is while wearing all of these products. You can see a few acne scars, the lines on my forehead, my too sparse eyebrows, and a little too much sun on the bridge of my nose but guess what? If you see me in real life, this is exactly how I look. It's me, just a little better. Which is all I've ever wanted to be and all I've ever wanted for you, too.