What To Send In A College Care Package

back to school

Back to school season is in full force over here in the Celebrating This Life household...and The Oldest is off to college! 

My Blue and White Foyer

joules rain coat

Phew! It felt like this renovation project lasted for-ever! It's finally all done and I spent a rainy Sunday styling it all up (because you know with a family of four people and two dogs it never looks this clean in real life!) and now I am so happy to be able to share my blue and white foyer with you all!

5 Netflix Titles to Finish Out Summer

Every year around this time stores start stocking the back to school gear and the fall and Halloween decorations aren't too far behind. As someone who wishes it was always fall you'd be thinking these would all be welcome sights. And while they usually are, I have to put the breaks on because... come on. It's only August and we here in the north get such a short summer window. Let us have this time to truly enjoy the summer season!

College Packing List

No, I'm not packing up and heading out to college but The Oldest is (cue the mom tears)

Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018: Best Interior Lifestyle Blog - International

Yours truly has been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award!

Leland Gal Roundy Bag

Leland Gal

Can't stop, won't stop showing off my Leland Gal Roundy Bag!