What To Send In A College Care Package

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Back to school season is in full force over here in the Celebrating This Life household...and The Oldest is off to college! 
We are moving him into his college residence this weekend and while he's all packed up most of his room, I realized there are probably some things he will need in the first few weeks that he's never thought about before. I'm sending this college care package with him on move in day to try and make the transition as stress free as possible.

college back to school

Some basics: A laundry basket, Brita water filter, toilet scrubber and two packages of hangers (since The Youngest already claimed his previous ones when he took over his bedroom #brotherlylove).

I'm also a big believer in throw blankets and especially as something to gift. I've given away countless throws and they are always so well received. This plaid one here is just something I decided to shoot these pictures on and we're sending The Oldest to his residence with two throws that he's used since he was little. They will be great for sitting on the couch, or even for the times he might find himself homesick. 

back to school

Tide Pods, Bounce dryer sheets, a package of pens, room air freshener and dawn dish soap. A roll of quarters will also be included for the laundry mat. 

off to college

Things I'm almost positive every college student has never had to buy before: Lysol disinfecting wipes, bathroom soap, shampoo 2 in 1, body soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear cleaners, shower and toilet cleaner. 

It's the basics of every bathroom and should set him up nicely. Once something runs out he will know what to replace it with to keep his area clean. 

back to school

And you can't forget about comfort food. I don't mean mom's pot roast or cupcakes (although I will be dropping this off in about a month's time) I mean the things he loves that he's always sneaking onto my grocery list that I leave on the fridge. Just a few pantry items to set him up before his first grocery shop, which he's really looking forward to which I guess makes sense since he's training to be a chef! 

If you've got a young adult in your family headed off to college for the first time, why not bundle together some of these staples, and add a few of your favourites, to help set them up for a successful school year! 

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