Sweater Weather


I think it's safe to say that sweater weather is officially here.

This last week the mornings have been very cool and foggy and in typical early fall weather, the afternoons are hot. While I love this time of year for a lot of reasons (pumpkin spice lattes!) I struggle with dressing during this transitional season.

Like so many of you, my mornings are the busiest. Having a new puppy I now have to get up early to take her on a morning walk, then quickly get home and either log into my work laptop when I work from home or head into the office for a full day there.

My 11 year old Bernese, Colton, just laughs at me having to take the new puppy outside in the morning. He is so not a morning person and prefers to sleep until at least 8am. That works on the days when I work from home (which is the photo above with jogging pants, I was working from home earlier in the week) but not so much on the days I have to be in the office (which is the photo below in jeans for a business casual day).

I went through a purge of my sweaters and coats two years ago. My closet was filled with items I hadn't worn in some time and I just donated them all. I was honestly pretty scared to part with so many items and worried that I might just end up having to buy replacements. I tell you all this because this L.L.Bean Sweater, the Fleece pullover in Pewter was the last sweater I bought before the purge (yikes, sounds like the horror movie!) 

I'm going on my third season with this sweater and after a sort of funny (kind of not really) incident with the puppy this morning, I thought I would post about what a great purchase it was (yes, I bought this with my own money). 

sweater weather

This morning, for reasons still unknown to me, Ivy decided to cry on her walk. She is only 14 weeks old and is still frightened by loud noises (buses are her mortal enemy) but this was different. Usually when she is unsure of something she will sit and whimper. This was full on crying and jumping up (she's also not really a jumper). Any way, Ivy's teeth and nails are razor sharp and I'm sad to say that I've had to discard a few clothing items that she has destroyed by clawing at them. She cut right through fabric with her little nails and those tiny teeth she has left some pretty big marks. 

I snapped this photo of her jumping and clawing to send to AMH because I just couldn't believe this behaviour. I quickly realized that while I was too busy taking a selfie, she had been clawing and biting my sweater and I was honestly scared to look down. I thought "well that just cost me my favourite sweater" But lo and behold, it was fine. I mean seriously fine! No scratches, no teeth marks. 

The inside of the sweater is a fuzzy brushed fleece which feels lovely against your skin and the exterior is a tightly woven sweater-knit. It's the tight knitting that prevents the cool wind from getting to you and also prevents little paws and teeth from ruining it! 

fall style

I tried to let Ivy cry it out but after 15 minutes I gave in and picked her up (which I'm fully admitting to doing with my boys as well. I was never good at letting them cry it out). I snapped this photo, again to send to AMH with the caption of "what a baby", then I put my phone away, patted her on the bum and told her she was fine. 

Her back paws were clawing at my front to get up closer, you can see that she likes to wrap her paws around your neck just like a kid would, and I didn't even have to worry about what kind of damage she was doing to my clothes. We stayed like this for about five minutes, just speaking softly and watching the ducks in our local pond all while she kept her head rested on my shoulder. 

Finally, I put her down and we walked home without issue. I still don't know what had her so upset. I also don't know if it will happen again tomorrow, but you better believe I will be wearing this sweater again just in case so I don't get any of my clothes ruined. 

I am going to warn you though that this sweater is thick. To be honest, I can't wear this sweater at any point in the summer because I overheat during the summer months and just the thought of this sweater makes me perspire. As soon as this time of year rolls around, I love this sweater more than anything else in my closet. Instead of having to wear a sweater or long sleeve and then a jacket during these first few weeks of fall, I just throw this sweater on top of what I am wearing. That means I wear it over pj's for morning walks and then over oxfords or blouses heading into the office. On especially cool weekends, I wear it over flannel oxfords.

l.l. bean

And even when the snow starts, still no need for a jacket. This photo of me with the L.L.Bean Bootmobile is from two Christmases ago and I didn't need a jacket all day long. 

I've also worn it as my only exterior layer while skiing, skating and tobogganing with the kids. I love the inbetween style of it, not too dressy and not too dressed down. Just a nice marled colour with a flattering shape so you can go from morning walk to the office and back to the couch curled up with Netflix and a hot beverage. Oh, and it also protects you from razor sharp puppy teeth and little paws won't tear it up while crying to be carried. 

Just thought you'd like to know. 😉

*When I first learned of this sweater through another blogger, I made sure to click the link they provided to complete my purchase. I felt it was only fair that since they had shared the information that lead to my purchase that they get the credit/commission. If this post has convinced you to buy this sweater, please click this link L.L.Bean Sweater Fleece Pullover. The commissions help me to keep this blog up and running and also helps me understand if I am sharing things you are interested in. This is how blogging works. I mention this as there seems to be a lot of misinformation as to how bloggers earn a living or supplement the income from their day job. If you're ever curious about the ins and outs of blogging, feel free to drop me a line

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