Small Bites Baking: Candy Corn Inspired Butterscotch Trifle

candy corn

A sweet and small dessert inspired by a quintessentially fall candy, candy corn! 
Candy corn is my favourite candy. Sure I love jelly beans and gummi bears and pretty much anything made with a mountain of sugar, but candy corn is my absolute tops. As soon as the end of August rolls around, I visit my local Bulk Barn (they have the hands down best tasting candy corn) every week hoping to find these sweet little treats. This year they were not in store until the end of September! The horror! I'm making up for lost time by sharing a sweet treat I made inspired by the tri colour candy.

This is actually the second time I have made this small bites dessert. I wanted to test it out on my family first and truthfully, I was so into making them I forgot to photograph the process! Luckily, AMH and the boys loved it and they requested it again last weekend. They are such an easy dessert to make. You can prep most of the steps a few hours before dinner and them assemble before your guests arrive, or have the kids put them together while you get the dinner dishes sorted. They're just that easy! 

Our trifle here consists of a layer of pound cake, a layer of butterscotch pudding and topped with whipped cream, it mimics the yellow, orange and white layers of candy corn and tastes just as good! I top with a single candy corn for presentation, my kids end up dropping a handful on top (they love candy corn as much as their mama).

candy corn

While I do love baking from scratch, sometimes it's just easier to go with pre-made items. I call those weekdays or weekends when I'm exhausted from the weekdays 😀 I purchased freshly baked in store pound cake, a package of butterscotch pudding and whipping cream. I visited Disneyland a few weeks ago and brought home this little pumpkin Mickey filled with candy corn so I used those ones as my topper. 

celebrating this life

Preparing couldn't be easier. All you need is a clear glass cup or bowl. For our family of four (I convinced our son who is away at college to come home because I was making these!) I made two in clear drink glasses and two in small glass ice cream cups. Anything clear will work, the idea here is to be able to see all the layers.


Making Jell-o package pudding is so easy, I don't think you'll find me making pudding from scratch ever again. Prepare according to package instructions, whisk 2 cups of cold milk with pudding powder for two minutes until thick. 


I made the pudding before starting dinner. I wanted the pudding to be extra cold when I served it so I placed a sheet of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the pudding (to prevent the dreaded pudding skin) and placed in the fridge until we were ready to assemble. 

celebrating this life

After getting the pudding ready, I cut the pound cake into slices and then into cubes. I put them into one of my Pyrex bowls with a lid so they wouldn't dry out. 


After dinner I made some whipped cream in my standing mixer, aka the easiest way to make it because you turn it on and leave it to work it's magic. Into my mixing bowl I added 2 cups whipping cream, 1 cup of powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla. This is a little different from the whipped cream I made for the apple spice cake I made a few weeks ago, I wanted this topping to be a little sweeter than before. It's a nice kick to the pound cake, without being overpowering.

candy corn jello pudding

Assembling is as easy as 1-2-3. A layer of pound cake, pudding and whipped cream topped with a single candy corn. You can put the pudding and whipped cream into a pipping bag (no need for a tip) or you can put them into a Ziploc bag and just snip the corner on an angle. Either way makes it really easy to put them into the glasses. Or, you can just use a plain old spoon and drop them dollop by dollop. There are no rules to this one! 

halloween dessert

Alright one rule, you need to have someone to share these with or you will end up eating it all to yourself! You can adjust the amount of sweetness by preparing in smaller glasses. Then it's just a little bite to finish off your meal. Serve them shortly after assembling to prevent the pound cake from getting soggy.

small bites baking

These would be great desserts to have on Halloween night after indulging in some pizza. Pizza on Halloween night is one of those traditions that my parents started and I continued with my kids. I love Halloween, it just brings out the kid in me! It's the one night when kids can just be kids and I try to make things as simple as possible. We order in pizza and use paper plates. We don't even make the kids sit at the table, all the rules are out the window! We blast music like Michael Jackson's Thriller and The Ghostbusters theme and hang out until it's time to head out trick or treating. 

Now that the boys are older and they are too cool to go door to door getting free candy, I spend my night handing out treats to all the neighbourhood kids. I love seeing their little costumes and their faces when they see the themed pumpkins I have. Every year I try to give the kids in our area a little thrill. On Halloween night I'll be rushing through my pizza and candy corn inspired butterscotch trifle so that I can spend some time with the ghosts and goblins. I hope you too get a chance to enjoy the holiday!